Teen car thieves in Winnipeg smashing into cops




WINNIPEG -- Teen car thieves have long been a problem in Winnipeg, but lately they've added a dangerous twist -- they've been smashing into police on purpose.
At least three Winnipeg officers have been hurt trying to stop stolen cars recently. Last week, police say one of their vehicles was rammed by a stolen pickup truck whose occupants were trying to get away, regardless of who or what was in their way.
That scene has played out at least nine times in the past year -- four times in the past month -- in Winnipeg, which has long been known as Canada's auto theft capital. Three bystanders have been killed and at least two other people seriously injured by stolen cars in the past year.
The city's auto theft problem isn't simple and experts don't see eye to eye on how to fix it. They do, however, agree that its roots can be traced to Manitoba's other dubious distinction -- the province is the child poverty capital of Canada.
"These kids don't have a shot in hell,'' says Liz Wolff, a clinical therapist who works with five of Winnipeg's most chronic young car thieves. "Their lives have no hope. They don't have a lot of expectations about their life.''

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When there is the revolving-door policy and a pathetically weak system like the Youth Justice Act(tries to stifle laughter at the irony of that name), things like this will happen more and more frequently.

This and mob-swarming are on the rise. It has gotten so bad that there was a Police Chief vowing that things would be done about it, one way or the other. I can't remember what article it was from(CNEWS, perhaps?)

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