Travel to Canada reaches record low

OTTAWA — Travel to Canada hit a record low for the fifth straight month in March, following big declines in both same-day car trips from the United States and the number of visitors from overseas nations. Statistics Canada reports foreign visitors made 2.3 million trips to Canada in March, the lowest since record keeping started in 1972.
That's a one per cent decline from February, and a 12.4 per cent drop from a year earlier.
Meanwhile, the number of Canadian trips abroad rose 1.4 per cent to almost 4.5 million, the vast majority (85 per cent) to the United States.

U.S. residents made only 730,000 same-day car trips to Canada in March, down 2.5 per cent from the previous month.
Same-day car travel to Canada has fallen by 41.1 per cent in two years.

Overseas travellers to Canada made 384,000 trips in March, down three per cent.

Travel declined in eight of Canada's top 12 overseas markets, with the strongest decreases in travel from Mexico, Germany and Hong Kong.

There were gains in visitors from India, Italy and the Netherlands.

Overall, Canadians made 3.8 million trips to the United States in March, up 1.6 per cent from February. Canadian travel to the United States in the past six months has been the highest since 1998.

Same-day car travel to the United States increased 1.5 per cent to 2.1 million trips, while overnight car travel rose 1.9 per cent to 991,000 trips.

Overnight plane trips to the United States set a new record high for the fourth straight month.

Canadian travel to countries other than the United States increased 0.4 per cent to a record 670,000 — the 10th month in the past year in which a new record high was set.
The Canadian dollar makes Canada a less attractive travel destination.
when did u last worry about the exchange rate before going somewhere on holidays? I generally think to myself "where would i like to go", then concern myself with issues like "how hard is it to get there?", "is it safe?", "what are the transit systems like?" and so on, and then, about four days before i leave i might bother to look up the exchange rate.

I think this is kind of strange... perhaps tourism as a whole is down? perhaps flight prices are up?
The exchange rate was the deciding factor in my vacation destination last month. We either wanted to go to Greece or Bali. Guess where we went? The other considerations you mentionned were certainly factors as well, but it was value for dollars that ultimately made up our minds. I suspect you never thought about it much Herman because you come from a country with a pretty strong currency in general.

It's especially important for US travellers going to Canada. A lot of those same day trips used to be them coming specifically to go shopping since they saved money thanks to their strong dollar. I can't imagine they do that much anymore.
I think not
Global Warming melting the igloos was the catalyst in tourist decline.
Quote: Originally Posted by I think notView Post

Global Warming melting the igloos was the catalyst in tourist decline.

It's also responsible for the rapid decline in the fur-lined underwear business.
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Global Warming melting the igloos was the catalyst in tourist decline.

they should try making igloos out of something with a higher melting-point. perhaps stone? or wood?

and while they're at it, perhaps try a different shape... i suggest a cuboid with a sloped top.
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... i suggest a cuboid with a sloped top.

bah! It'll never work!

We scrapped our plans to go to Europe based on the cost. Instead we're sticking to Canada. I'm cheap Hermann... I look at exchange rates and airfare... the whole picture. Canada came out on top this time, despite its strong dollar.
I am with you Karrie, I am cheap! This year I went to Hawaii because I got a great deal and also because of the exchange rate. It was great!
I think not
If cheap gets you somewhere you want to go, I see no problem with that.

I still think it's all aboot the igloos.
really? Do you think it's that ITN? I thought maybe people just didn't want to get splattered with baby seal.

lone wolf
No half-price sales here and they're going through a bit of a tough time....


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