Haven't we read this before....a few times!

Monday, May 19, 2008 Mexico hunts for the killer of Canadian tourist, but no leads so far
CABO SAN LUCAS, Mexico - Mexican police say they are protecting the girlfriend of a Canadian tourist who was killed in Mexico's Cabo San Lucas beach resort.
Police say 29-year-old Bouabal Bounthavorn was fatally shot late Thursday after he opened the door of his room at the Hotel Riu and argued briefly with an unknown man.

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His girlfriend was wounded in the ankle and treated at a local hospital.
State police Cmdr. Enrique Wuilar says that authorities have no leads or motive in the killing.
They have set up roadblocks and are monitoring the airport for the killer, described as a tall, thin, dark-skinned man.

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There has been a string of violent incidents involving Canadians in Mexico since 2007.
Domenic and Nancy Ianiero of Woodbridge Ont, were found with their throats slit in February, 2006 at a resort near Playa del Carmen, Mexico. No arrests were ever made.
In January, 2007, Adam DePrisco, 19, also of Woodbridge, was killed outside an Acapulco nightclub. A Mexican doctor blamed the teen's death on a hit-and-run driver, but his family and friends believed he was beaten to death.
In May, 2007, Jeff Toews of Grande Prairie, Alta, died from injuries after he visited a nightclub in Cancun. Mexican authorities concluded he fell from the second floor of his hotel, but at the time Toews' family said his head and back injuries came from a severe beating.
lone wolf
Wonder how long it has to take before folks get the idea and explore Canada?

Dexter Sinister
Yep, we've heard this before, about a dozen times in the last five years if my memory is correct. Actually I heard somebody on CBC radio this afternoon say it's 13 times in the last five years. In the larger scheme of things I suppose 13 murders in five years isn't a lot, considering how many Canadians routinely visit Mexico, but it does give one pause. I don't think anyone's targeting Canadians particularly, the target, if there is one, is just rich gringos. Anybody know how many American or European tourists have been murdered in Mexico in the last five years? A cursory Google search didn't turn up any useful statistics for me, but I can see how that's not the kind of thing a tourist destination would want to publicize. I'm sure the data's out there somewhere though.

Would I holiday in Mexico? Nope. I've never been there and haven't much interest in going, though it would be nice to see some of the archaeological sites there. But enclaves for wealthy foreigners in Third World countries... well, just imagine what a target for resentment that would be.
Nicely put Dex, enclaves of wealthy foreigners is exactly why I have no interest in going. I have no inclination to go to a country and see some sterilized, facade version of it.
lone wolf
Hmm... I wonder if there's still an outstanding warrant for me down there?

My wife and I been to Mexico twice. Once about twenty years ago for a few days as part of a cruise and once five years ago when Jan and I went to Cancun and Cozumel for two weeks. Cancun has something like twenty miles of white sand beaches but it also has twenty miles of hotels to go with them. So what the tourist sees is the beach and the restaurants in the hotels and lots of hot weather. The most Mexican things you will see other than the trinkets in the gift shops are the Huevos Rancheros: that all the tourists learn to say at brerakfast.

You can rent a car and drive on crappy roads to the Mayan ruins at Tolume about twenty miles away, or Chichen Itza which is about a hundred and twenty miles away.

I wouldn't go again.

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