Two-year-old Alberta boy killed in ATV crash


A report says the number of people hospitalized because of injuries on all-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles rose 25 per cent from the mid-1990s to 2005. (The Herald Leader / THE CANADIAN PRESS / Charles Bertram)


Police say charges may be laid after a two-year-old boy was killed in an all-terrain vehicle crash that injured three other children.

The accident happened around 6:45 p.m. Wednesday on private property northwest of Taber, Alta.

A 32-year-old driver was carrying four other passengers between the ages of two and 12 on a vehicle designed for a maximum of two riders.

RCMP say the ATV was stopped at the top of a steep hill when one of the passengers hit the accelerator, sending the vehicle down the embankment.

The driver tried to stop the ATV but it hit a rock and everyone was thrown out of the vehicle.

Paramedics took the children to the Taber hospital, where the two-year-old died. The other passengers were treated for minor injuries.

Police say neither the driver nor the passengers were wearing a helmet.
The name of the toddler is not being released.

Police told CTV that charges are being considered and that the driver and two-year-old are related.

There you have it..... Australians have idiots who will strap their beer into the car and put their kids on the floor, and Canadians have idiots who will load up an ATV with children with no helmets and drive it up a hill and crash it..... the only difference is that the child died in the Canadian situation.
It amazes me how many people will throw their kids on motor vehicles at a young age and think nothing of it. And then those same people will scoff at me for letting my kids jump on a trampoline... don't I realize how dangerous that is?
There is no legislating stupidity.

But of course if we added up the hospital expense of head-injuries and other assorted injuries attributable to rampant stupidity....would they come close to or might they exceed the total cost of all gun-controls and other useless efforts to enlighten people to their own stupidity?
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