Montreal Man Arrested In Virginia For Luring 13 Yr Old and on Child Porn Charges

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Selwyn House Teacher Arrested in Virginia For Luring 13 year Old Boy in Internet Chat Room

Parents Anxious


Cops search home of man arrested on sex charges

The Gazette

Published: 6 hours ago

Montreal police have searched the home of Selwyn House teacher Richard Doucet as he continues to be investigated for allegedly distributing child pornography and attempting to lure a minor over the internet.

Montreal police Constable Yannick Ouimet said Doucet's home was searched on Friday and computer equipment was seized.
Doucet was arrested Thursday night in Fredricksburg, Virginia after he allegedly tried to lure a person he thought was a 13-year-old boy to meet him. Instead, it was a Virginia police detective who had been posing as a 13-year-old boy in internet chatrooms.

Ouimet said it remains to be seen whether any evidence gathered here will be sent to Virginia, where Doucet faces four charges, or used to produce charges here.

According to court records, Doucet lives in LaSalle.

Doucet was arraigned on Friday and is being held in custody for a preliminary inquiry scheduled for June.

When will we wake up and start taking these crimes seriously. Our punishment here in Canada for possession of child porn or luring kids needs to be drastically increased to fit the crime. It's good that this guy was arrested in the US, there is no doubt he'll get serious jail time. What makes matters worse is that he was teaching at an all boys school prior to his arrest.
The Canadian justice system takes no crime seriously....
Scott Free
I'm starting to wonder if all our politicians are pederasts; is there any other explanation for our countries softness on such abuse?

^ Sorry couldnt help myself

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