A Winnipeg daycare has warned parents to stop harassing and trying to bribing staff over a lack of space available for preschoolers.

In its May newsletter, K.I.D.S Inc. daycare says its staff has been subjected to "personal verbal attacks" and parents have been "sharing vicious lies defaming our character."

With only 86 spaces available, the daycare has a waiting list of 460 children and some parents have taken to desperate measures in the attempt to get their child in, the daycare's executive director says.

"There are people approaching their neighbours or friends and saying, 'I can't get in because they don't like me or they don't like my child,'" Karen Ohlson told Canada AM Thursday.

Well no wonder.... you're an azzhole.


"Our reputation is important, we've worked very hard for many years to improve and enhance the quality of childcare that we provide."

Ohlson said that she understands that the waiting list is very long, and that many parents won't be getting their child into their daycare.

"We do recognize that but there are a few people who are desperate and really pushing the limits of what is appropriate," she added.

Ohlson said that it's not just her daycare that has a long waiting list, but a city-wide shortage of spots.

"The reality is that some parents will never get their child into the daycare of their choice," Ohlson said of Winnipeg's daycare shortage.

"There's a recognition now, that people really do want licensed childcare and early childhood education for their children," Ohlson added. "It's incredible the demand for childcare in a licensed program."

Manitoba has just announced last week a five-year program to fund 6,500 new daycare spaces over the next five years, an increase of 28 per cent.

"We are very excited about that," Ohlson said. "At the end of the five years . . . it should make a really, big difference."

Talk about being petty... it's not their fault they have a huge waiting list and it's not their fault that your kids don't get in... those are the breaks, and acting like an immature child sure as hell not going to help the process and acting like a jerk to them sure isn't going to change their minds and decide to let your kid in..... if anything it'll worsen the chances for your child.

Who the heck wants to deal with parents like that on an regular basis?