Doctors debate who would be allowed to die in pandemic



Doctors know some patients needing lifesaving care won't get it in a flu pandemic or other disaster. The gut-wrenching dilemma will be deciding who to let die.
Now, an influential group of physicians has drafted a grimly specific list of recommendations for which patients wouldn't be treated. They include the very elderly, seriously hurt trauma victims, severely burned patients and those with severe dementia.
The suggested list was compiled by a task force whose members come from prestigious universities, medical groups, the military and U.S. government agencies. They include the Department of Homeland Security, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Department of Health and Human Services.
The proposed guidelines are designed to be a blueprint for hospitals "so that everybody will be thinking in the same way" when pandemic flu or another widespread health-care disaster hits, said Dr. Asha Devereaux. She is a critical care specialist in San Diego and lead writer of the task force report.
The idea is to try to make sure that scarce resources — including ventilators, medicine and doctors and nurses — are used in a uniform, objective way, task force members said.

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Does this sound logical or do you have a problem with this new approach/suggestion?
Cold and calculating and sad to see, but, realistic and necessary, imo.

I know it's a cruel and dark thing to say, but, humans are the only animals on the planet who have managed to halt their natural selection. We spend a lot of resources on trying to keep the most ill of our society alive. And while that makes a lot of sense when we have the resources, when resources are in short supply, I'm afraid to say we have and will resort to typical animal decision making.
Check out the movie Doomsday if you want to catch a glimpse of what life could be like when a major virus outbreak occurs.
lone wolf
When resources are spread thin, they have to save as many as possible. Intense work-ups on more serious cases take time away from several less serious ones. Definately a triage nightmare....

If there is a pandemic that's killing millions or billions it makes sense to try to save people that can propagate the species. You may be a King, a Queen or a lowly street sweeper, but sooner or later your gonna dance with the reaper-Bill and Teds excellent adventure

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