Principal 'outs' students

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A Memphis area principal has made the decision, in light of sexual behavior happening on campus, to compile a list of names of couples involved in these incidents, and inform the parents of those couples of the behavior happening in public view. Some of the couples were straight, some were gay.

Human rights groups are in an uproar over 'violation of privacy', but the school stands by the decision of the principal.

What rights does one have to 'privacy' for behavior exhibited in a school hallway or on campus?

Is this a targeted 'anti-gay' move as many gay rights groups are trying to make it seem?
If they were in a public place then they can have no expectation of privacy.

Of course that principal appears to be imposing his moralality on the students. If he is not singling out the gay couples it would be hard to say if that is his motivation. Seeing as it is deep in the bible belt this comes as no surprise. Still I'd say he is definitly being a jerk.

I wonder if they are allowed to dance at prom?
Not all of the couples who got phone calls from the principal were gay.

And it's a female principal you chauvinist.

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