Hitler plot survivor dies aged 90

The last known survivor of a group of German army officers who tried to assassinate Adolf Hitler in 1944 has died aged 90, his family says.
Philipp von Boeselager provided the explosives used to pack a briefcase planted under a table in the Nazi leader's East Prussia headquarters.
But the briefcase was moved behind one of the oak table's wooden legs, and Hitler escaped with only slight wounds.
Most of the plotters were executed, but Mr. von Boeselager escaped detection.

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If the assassins had been successful killing Hitler, I wonder how that would have made the war turn out? They, the Allies, still would have carved up Germany amongst themselves, I'm sure. Who would have succeeded him?
I should read up on these questions. What I remember my parents talked about that his enemies wanted to kill him, because he was cutting their power and wealth to size with his reforms. But I can now see that it could very much have been an effort to cut the war short, seeing we were losing anyway. Perhaps many more lives could have been saved.