Man arrested after mother's body found in freezer



LA PRAIRIE, Que. -- Police are questioning a man after his mother's body was found in a freezer in their condemned home just south of Montreal.

Ummm.... she slipped? Yeah that's it......


The filthy residence in La Prairie had been condemned earlier this week.

Sgt. Michel Brunet of the Quebec provincial police says workers and police were cleaning out the house on Thursday when they found the 73-year-old woman's body.

"The policeman searched the house and found the body in the freezer,'' Brunet said on Friday.

The woman's 50-year-old son was taken into custody.

Brunet described the man and woman as living like hermits, though they had received many visits from social workers over the years.

Another case of a body.... or animals being stored in freezers by some crazy people.

I have a funny feeling those Politically Correct people out there will try and pass a law now which restricts the size of freezers to the point where it'll be difficult to stuff bodies in them..... friggin ruin my whole summer why don't you?!
Monty Python did a sketch about a dead mother; a little broccoli and stuffing and she'd be delicious.
That works out fine if mom is of a good size..mine was a scrawny little thing, useless unless you were thinking of making a soup
you boys need help. Serious help.
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you boys need help. Serious help.

Hey, it's not my fault they're convenient.

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