By ANDREW HANON (external - login to view), SUN MEDIA

A 10 p.m. curfew has been imposed on teens under 18 at the Samson Cree Nation's reserve in Hobbema.
"We are very concerned about an increase in violence in our community and we are determined to implement a number of concrete measures," Samson Chief Marvin Yellowbird said in a statement released yesterday.

The announcement came hours before the inaugural meeting of the band's Safe Community Task Force, which was formed in the wake of a horrifying drive-by shooting April 13 that left a 23-month-old girl wounded.
The task force is expected to come up with other measures to get a grip on crime on the reserve.

The community, 87 km south of Edmonton, has been in the grip of a bloody turf war between several rival drug gangs, most notably the Indian Posse and Alberta Warriors.
But after little Asia Saddleback was wounded, many residents are saying enough is enough.
Hobbema RCMP spokesman Cpl. Darrel Bruno said residents, who up to now have usually been too fearful of retribution to report gang activity to police, are phoning in lots of tips.
"It's really making a difference," Bruno said. "The community really is the eyes and ears of any police force."
The RCMP will enforce the curfew, which applies to everyone aged 12 to 17.
Anyone that age found outdoors on the reserve will be taken to the local police station, where their parent or guardian will have to pick them up.


Curfew violators can be slapped with up to 30 days jail time and a $500 fine.
Exemptions will be allowed for teens heading to or from work, school activities, religious functions or organized recreational activities "without detour or stop," and for those accompanied by adults 21 years or older.

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