Three generations charged with disposing of grandpa's body

yep. Three generations (external - login to view).... mom, daughter, grandson... have all been brought up on charges relating to the discovery of a body in an incinerator on an acreage in Spruce Grove.

The absolute most bizarre part of the case is the decision by the daughter to call a service worker out to the incinerator that they had stuffed the body in. Who does that? I'm eagerly awaiting the details that fill in that little oddity.
"Anne Semenovich, 71, faces charges of first-degree murder and interfering with human remains."

^ "Interfering with Human Remains" ~ I never understood that damn law. If a dead body started to move and come at me and I push it away or knock it down.... that would be interfering with human remains or defense from a Zombie. To me a body is just a collection of compost after you die..... but regardless of whatever that is supposed to mean and who thought it up, let's move on:

"Police didn't confirm the identity of the body, only saying it was a male and that it wasn't burned."

*snickers* is that why they called the service guy? "Hey there, we're trying to burn our grandpa but the machine isn't working, can you send someone over right away?"

"Shortly before noon on Tuesday, a service worker called by Laurie had gone out to do repairs on an incinerator on the property at Township Road 514 (Woodbend Road) and Range Road 265, 14 km southwest of Edmonton. When he opened up the incinerator, he made the grisly discovery and immediately called 911."

HA HA HA HA HA....... Yup.... Oh my, the stupidity of some people.....

So there's also speculation that he was shot a few days earlier it continues to read, so I would guess it'll certainly be a murder conviction once this is all done.

See the thing that got me at the start was the interfering with human remains thing..... I know some people when they die they want certain things done, like burn rather then be burried, or be deep sixed into the ocean, etc.

^ Myself, I want to be randomly catapulted into the forest and let nature take its course on me. My house burned down around me when I was a wee lad, so burning isn't all that appealing and having most of my gutz and such ripped out of my body and filled with chemicals so I look and smell pretty and then burried into the ground for the worms doesn't sound all that great either..... slower decomposition.

How would my want of being catapulted into the forest conflict with interfering with human remains?

I figured at the start this was the case where the old guy just wanted to end things cheaply and effectively, but it sounds like they had it out for him, so that of course changes the situation.
interfering with human remains is a law which (to my knowledge) can be applied for many reasons.

-grave digging
-accomplice to hiding the body in a murder (like this case)
-poaching of human parts without consent

flinging a corpse into the woods if it was their wishes and the death was registered doesn't qualify as 'interfering' from what I know.

See, I'm opposite to you. I found my aunt's 2 week old corpse when I was a kid, so, I'd rather be burned than rot thanks. I totally agree on the embalming though... ugh.

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