More Tax Dollar Abuse

When are the people on parliament hill going to stop wasting my tax money? I guess it just comes natural to them now.

BlackBerry, cellphone use out of control at federal ministry: audit

Last Updated: Monday, April 28, 2008 | 10:04 AM ET

The Canadian Press

Cellphone and BlackBerry use at a major federal department has been out of control, with costs skyrocketing in a chaotic atmosphere, says a new audit.
Natural Resources Canada failed to lay down any rules, lost track of the number of such devices, and let workers cut their own expensive service deals at a cost to taxpayers of up to $500,000 a year in wasted wireless spending.
"There are no policies, guidelines and procedures for voice telecommunications devices and service plans," says the newly released document, dated last November.
"Comprehensive corporate directives for the management and control of voice telecommunications do not exist."
Oversight was so weak that department managers could not provide auditors with even a basic inventory of its wireless devices.
Since the report was written, officials have determined that employees use 900 BlackBerries and 720 cellphones.
They do it because they know they can get away with it....they know that the average "serf" feels he cant do anything about it because "I'm just one person, what can I do"

politics...poli = many
tics = blood sucking parasites
The great double standard.

I have many corperate friends who abuse the crap out of these things but people only seem to get upset when someone in government does it. You will say "ah yes but Avro it is private buisness they can do what they want" but government services need the best and the brightest and if they get more perks in the private sector we will attract the next best or the worst. It's a common thing that we will have to put up with as long as these stupid things are around.
The word 'entitlement' keeps running around in my head.

5 years ago my employer was not taking enough tax money off my paycheque and I ended up owing the government $5000.00, accumulated over a 3 year period. When the government caught wind of this they were quick to send urgent reminders to my house asking for quick repayment of the funds. Well I've been putting the bums off over the years, paying them dribbles of cash here and there to keep them off my back, basically holding back the money from them as a matter of principle. See, if I saw them managing my tax money in a responsible manner I would pony up in a hurry. But I'm not anxious to send them $5000 just to feed some backbenchers addiction to his crackberry. Anyway, this year I had a $2000 credit on my tax return, and guess what...the government took it and applied it to my bill....haha....farging thieves.
now you can see why the need to remove any for of defence we have, firearms, "vicious" dogs etc

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