The Race is on...Place your Bets?

I am definetly not an economic genius by any means .Unless of corse making a living off next nothing is considered to be a good conservative with good money management skills..
I am beginning to wonder however if these gas and food price increases aren't just a money grab.A way for those afraid they are losing their control of the people and THEIR market, to keep the people droning forward...!!!!....Of coarse I have no real proof of this .Only a green view ,admittedly, sometimes a little too colorful, for the grey world of industry...
Would be hard to find such evidence, if their was any though , I'm sure .
Perhaps the truth is that gas and foods prices are in fact reacting to a troubled market .Maybe big energy producers are planning for the future knowing the time is coming for a switch...Green change....
I guess only the markets and year end profits will tell the truth....!!!!...
Their is definetly some stranger than normal activity in the markets latley ..Can we pin it to any one thing ...No , maybe not ...But we can start with 1 thing and slowly make it better...Step by Step......
I do have some questions if someone/anyone would like to throw me some answers......
Could or should corn not be split of into two separate markets......1 food ......1 bio fuel?
What if any impact would this have on future market pricing?????...
Are all these high food and gas prices just a slap in the face to beat down a NEW WAY coming right around the corner? exploit the public in an " I told you so " mentality?
Sure energy prices go up when attempting to change from one energy form into another ,but are consumers being unfairly targeted ? ....Wouldn't want to give all the commoners hope for the future would we?.....Gotta keep'm all under industry control...keep them tired and p.od at the Green Guy's they'll stay at bay!!!!
Please prove me wrong!!! Just an impression I am beginning to get!!!!
Let's not be afraid of the future....Let's embrace it ...I'll race you there!!!...One secure , 4 sure, step at a time....No running though might slip in an oil slick , or trip over the waste!!!
!...We wouldn't want to make unnecessary mistakes in the haste!!...


Thank-you for this space and your time...

Over and out there
I only have limited time to write messages ...Sooo and responsibilites!! thing it's only english eh....Trust me , I take more time when making ideas real!!!...There's a difference between putting things off and slowly proceeding forward!...Don't get them confused please!!!
One of the biggest problems I find today is with politics ..Self interested politicians who like to draw lines and exploit extremes..That is Why I became an independent who believes in true Balance and sustainability...Something I don't see in any of the political parties...Two extremes who pull each other apart for no purpose but their own, does not tend to help the whole...A minority government is the best bet .Although in a minority system it means bills that normally wouldn't pass, do, because of self interests and the fear of losing "THE GAME!!!!.......A game played with people and this earths resources....I am gald slavery changed form but I would not say it was abolished ..It now treats everyone equally in the form of low wages ..It's now called poverty!!!! Is found mostly in industry and through a label called "TEMP WORKERS"!!!!!.....Excuse my Cynicism but that's why I beleive in ecology and like to look at the bigger picture instead of individualism....Each person has skills and abilities they are good at .Each brings a distinct view into the world ...Some wake up and use their abilities to the fullest potential .Others are satisfied with a certain routine and lifestyle....Here's something I was told once, forget exaclty where, but it got me thinking...3 things 1. It's all a dream, nothings real, 2. You find your soul mate and settle .Happy with what you have. 3..You give yourself to the bigger picture in a postive way to the best of your skills and abilities ........OR you try to balance them all together ..have the best of everything...Sounds like the best way but is a lot harder to accomplish .More highs and lows ..Bigger mistakes ,but greater rewards..Uses goals and visions that others are happy to share in .....BALANCE AND SUSTAINABILITY OF THE WHOLE!!!...possible? I believe so .....Probable ...Up to everyone ...
An apology from Syncrude—and a promise to do better


Syncrude offers a heartfelt and sincere apology for the incident on April 28th that caused hundreds of migratory birds to die after they landed on a tailings pond at our oil sands operation.

We are now investigating the factors that led to this regrettable occurrence, and are cooperating fully with government authorities as they conduct their own reviews.

We understand you expect the best from Syncrude in environmental management and the protection of wildlife. It’s a value that we share, and we are committed to making the necessary changes to our long-established practices to help ensure a sad event like this never happens again. This is a promise we make to you and all those who depend on our crude oil product to fuel their daily lives.

As we go forward, we will learn from what happened, we will improve our practices, and we will meet your expectations for responsible development.

Tom Katinas
President and Chief Executive Officer

.................................................. .................................................. ...............

I for one accept the apology ....let's move forward...Ensure this doesn't happen again....


Anyone else wish to comment???

Thank -you Canadian conservative government , and gas/oil companies, for again stickn your finger in the ear of Your fellow Canadians...Raising prices ....dragging Canadians and many others through the mud on the prospect of arctic oil , gas, water and whatever else you want to War.. Rape and ravage ..Pillage the village....Not only do we get it in the ear, we get it in the ear!.....I am not a liberal, but I am thinking this carbon tax is a great idea..It is the only way the people will see their money put to good use...There should be an environmental impact assessment done in artic before any further action is agreed to.There are great concerns on how drilling will affect the surroundings..primarily water ,wildlife and climate concerns...Oil cares nothing about anything but $$$$$$$$$$$...They prove it by there negligence and greed!!!!...Rape it for all its worth til there's nothing left!!..It is time things change!!!..I applaud Quebec and Ontario for its move on green initiatives....The Harper government is out of line and out of touch with reality!!!.....Mr. Harper is too wrapped up in trying to control the people through his Information technology interests ...Come back to Earth Harper .There are real people down here!!..
Feet on the ground.Head in the clouds.
Over and out there from here!

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