The Hunter, his Dog , and a Fugitive

The hunter, his dog and a fugitive

Local tracker apprehends father of three slain B.C. children, who had been on the run for more than a week

From Thursday's Globe and Mail
April 17, 2008 at 3:53 AM EDT

MERRITT, B.C. — Allan Dwayne Schoenborn looked exhausted and had his head down when Kim Robinson, a man who thinks nothing of tracking down wounded grizzly bears, found him alone yesterday in the mountains outside this small B.C. town.
"The guy looked whipped. He was skin and bone. Who would be afraid of that?" Mr. Robinson said of the prime suspect in the killing of Mr. Schoenborn's children.
"I've dealt with wounded grizzlies and ****. The guy didn't mean anything [frightening] to me," he said, standing in the kitchen doorway of the trailer where he lives with his family just outside Merritt, his thumbs hooked in the pockets of his jeans.
Sticking out of one pocket was a curved grizzly claw, about eight centimetres long. Mr. Robinson said it was a reminder of a bear that hurt him once. He hurt the bear more.

Enlarge Image Kim Robinson, a local hunter and tracker in Merritt, B.C., played a major role in the arrest of a father identified by the RCMP as the prime suspect in the deaths of his three children seen here with his dog Blaze at his home outside Merritt, B.C. April 16, 2008. The scratch under Mr. Robinson's eye happened during his role in Allan Schoenborn's arrest. (John Lehmann/Globe and Mail)


April 6 - The bodies of the children are found by their mother, Darcie Clarke, in her home in Merritt.
April 7 - Police announce a manhunt for Allan Schoenborn, father of the slain children, Kaitlynne, 10, Max, 8, and Cordon, 5.
April 8 - The B.C. Coroner's Service announces a public inquest into the slayings.
April 9 - The B.C. Attorney-General says changes may be needed in the justice system. This comes after it becomes known that Mr. Schoenborn had three run-ins with police in Merritt in the week before the deaths.
April 10 - The RCMP hold a meeting with Merritt residents. The case had raised questions about why the RCMP did not inform the public for more than 20 hours that the suspect in the case was on the loose.
April 11 - Merritt Mayor David Laird says he wants the media to get out of town, saying the slayings are “no longer a national event.”
April 13-14 - Small rallies and memorial services are held in Merritt and Victoria to mark one week since the slayings.
April 16 - Mr. Schoenborn is found in the bush on the outskirts of Merritt, not far from where the bodies of his three children were found by their mother.


Interview with Kim Robinson
A local resident and his dog spotted Schoenborn early Wednesday morning, and immediately went to inform police

RCMP hold press conference
Mounties comment on arrest of B.C. father sought in the deaths of his three children

Schoenborn in custody
RCMP say they have arrested a B.C. father sought in the deaths of his three children

Gary Derksen, neighbour of suspect
Neighbour of family discusses the sentiment in Merritt, B.C.

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His left eye was slightly bruised and cut from a fall he had taken off a bank earlier in the day while searching for Mr. Schoenborn, who has been the object of an RCMP manhunt.
Mr. Robinson said he got up after he fell, stopped the bleeding, and kept looking.
Tied up nearby in his yard were a dozen hunting dogs that he uses to track cougars and bears - and Blaze, a bull mastiff that he takes along for dangerous work.
Blaze was with him when he found Mr. Schoenborn after a man, who police have not identified, waved him down and told him he had seen someone with a dog up in the woods about two kilometres southeast of Merritt.
I really truly thought he would be just a body. I was certain he'd slink off somewhere to kill himself after what he did. Kudos to those who kept looking. I pray the family can find some small peace now that they know he's behind bars.
Well, he certainly looks guilty. He spent a week in the bush without food clothes or water. What a nightmare for the wife and mother. The town has been swamped by the media since it happened. No doubt they will be around for another few days.

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