Police chase 'New FLQ' group



Police in Gatineau, Que., continued their investigation Friday into violent threats to English-speaking Quebecers by a group calling itself the Ligue de Défense Nationale.
The Regional Association of West Quebecers, a group that defends the rights of English-speaking Outaouais residents, has received threatening e-mails from the Ligue de Défense Nationale, or National Defence League. The most recent was received Tuesday morning.
"It did read that this was our final warning in bold, capital letters," said André Hurtibise, executive director of the regional association. "And that if this didn't cease, they would put a little lead in our heads — du plomb dans la tête."
In an e-mail to CBC News, the Ligue de Défense justified the threats by writing that the association of West Quebecers is defending the "Englicization" of the Outaouais region.
They write that their actions could range from very simple to extremely violent.
"We believe that the peaceful action of the Quebec independence movement is not enough to defend the French language, the protection of Quebec territory in dealing with the threats of English people," the group wrote, in French, in an e-mail to CBC.

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This group is a ridiculously small one. Practically nobody in Quebec believes violence is necessary to protect French and our identity.
An insurgency?
But Quebec already has a pile of laws protecting the language and heritage... but it always seems like it's not good enough for some, hince these groups keep coming around.

Why is that?
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An insurgency?

Indeed.... time to get the military involved and have a few air strikes on some suspected targets.

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