Sweeps of human DNA yield big discoveries




NEW YORK -- Scientists are scanning human DNA with a precision and scope once unthinkable and rapidly finding genes linked to cancer, arthritis, diabetes and other diseases.
It's a payoff from a landmark achievement completed five years ago -- the identification of all the building blocks in the human DNA. Follow-up research and leaps in DNA-scanning technology have opened the door to a flood of new reports about genetic links to disease.
On a single day in February, for example, three separate research groups reported finding several genetic variants tied to the risk of getting prostate cancer.
And over the past year or so, scientists have reported similar results for conditions ranging from heart attack to multiple sclerosis to gallstones. The list even includes restless legs syndrome, a twitching condition best known as "jimmy legs" in an episode of "Seinfeld."
Interviews with scientists at the center of this revolution and a review of published studies over the past six months by The Associated Press make clear the rapid adoption of the new technology and the high expectations for it.

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There's a pile more information on that link. Enjoy.
Hey Prax: I just read this book "NEXT" by Michael Crichton I encourage you to read it, He has put so much research into this. While it is a work of fiction, it also has tons of info and resources in the index. I enjoyed it immensely, one of those one day reads.
Great news!

Have they found a genetic basis for rampant stupidity and greed?
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Great news!

Have they found a genetic basis for rampant stupidity and greed?

Yeah, prolonged exposure to cell phones by the ear and long term exposure to the Big Brother series. Oh you ment genetic....

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