Butcher Carves Up Lotto Jackpot

Butcher carves up lotto jackpot

By JOE WARMINGTON (external - login to view)

The Toronto Sun

The guy known in Toronto's Portuguese community simply as Joe is not only the richest butcher in Canada -- he may also be the most generous.
Just one day after cashing a lottery win cheque for $14,571,490.70, Jose Lima says he will be at the Portuguese-Canadian butcher shop he manages to hand out $5,000 cheques to his employees this morning.

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Nice. I bet those employees will be smiling today. And Joe will have the biggest smile of all.
The name made me think of Rose de Lima, a saint who, like most saints, was renowned for charity.

Mind you, she was also renowned for wearing a metal crown of thorns and wrapping chains around her waist, for 14 years martyring her body. But, hey, it was the charity part that made me think of it. lol.
The article says Lima is a strong Catholic and comes from a poor family from the Azores. I worked with some people from the Azores in the early '80's, a warm and giving group of people, very humble character about them. He also bought his ticket from the 'Lucky Variety Store'...haha....
An update on old Joe. Seems he's too giving. His phone wouldn't stop ringing with people looking for money,lol. Money is a curse I tell ya....

The Telegram - St. John’s, NL: National News | Constant requests for money force Lotto 6-49 millionaire to quit job (external - login to view)

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