Australia has deported a British-born paedophile to the UK. Raymond Horne, aged 61, has lived in Australia since he was 5 and served 12 years in jail for sexually abusing young boys.

This is ironic as, between 1788 and 1868, Britain used to send its criminals (those who escaped the death penalty for stealing a handkerchief or stealing from a rabbit warren), to Australia, then its colony which it used as a giant open-air prison.

Monster Raymond Horne Back In UK

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Uncovered ... Horne in Hong Kong yesterday, on his way back to Britain

Face of evil ... pervert Horne

SEX beast Raymond Horne has signed the sex offenders register after flying to the UK from Australia.

The fiend was met by police when his flight from Brisbane landed at Heathrow Airport this morning.

Horne tried to cover his face with an airline blanket on arriving at Heathrow’s Terminal Three.

He was the last passenger off the flight from Australia via Hong Kong and after leaving the aircraft was taken into a Customs and Immigration office.

Experts warned last night that a British child will pay the price of Australia booting out vile Horne — amid fears he will become even MORE dangerous.

Under blanket
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Even an Aussie child protection expert admitted: “I’m delighted there’s one less paedophile in the country.

“But someone’s child, somewhere, is going to pay the price for this.”

Professor Freda Biggs, of Australian group Advocates for Survivors of Child Abuse, added: “There are child sex offenders who should never be released — and he’s one of them.”

White-bearded Horne, 61, was deported by Oz authorities despite his vile record of attacks on boys as young as 13 going back to 1968.

His family emigrated from Britain in 1952 when he was five and he has never been back.

But he never took Australian citizenship.

Horne was last jailed in 1996 after pleading guilty to 14 child sex offences. The judge gave him 12 years without parole, calling him “a persistent sex offender who preyed upon young, vulnerable boys”.

Authorities planned to keep him locked up indefinitely — but last week they declared him an “unlawful citizen” and lumbered Britain with him instead.


Ahead of him is a life of freedom at the taxpayers’ expense.

He will even be allowed to choose where in the UK he lives — but worried parents will not know where that is.

Even Horne’s prison doctor Wendell Rosevear said: “The risk of paedophiles re-offending is known to increase after deportation, due to heightened anxiety.

Catalogue of depravity: Horne's crimes

“I fear that British children will be at risk after he settles into the wider community.”

Paul Roffey, director of the UK-based RWA Child Protection Service, accused the Queensland Police and Corrective Services Minister Judy Spence of simply “shifting the problem offshore”.

He said: “Let’s make it English children instead of Australian children — that seems to be her attitude. It’s outrageous.

“These sort of committed paedophiles often live isolated lives by the very nature of their offending. They do not integrate well into society and that often leads to the formation of paedophile rings of like-minded people.

“Horne, who has lived most of his life in Australia, will have no network in the UK. He will feel even more isolated — increasing his risk of him reoffending.”

By the time Horne was 21, he was a repeat offender in Queensland, with convictions for assault, drugs and sexual offences.

He served two months for abusing boys in 1968. In 1992 he was behind bars again for indecent assault of children aged under 14.

He was paroled the following year but jailed again after abusing more boys within a month.

In 1995 he lured two homeless boys aged 13 and 15 back to his flat and subjected them to repeated brutal rapes.

Horne was given rock star treatment yesterday as he was escorted on to a Cathay Pacific Airbus 380 bound for London via Hong Kong.


The moment his latest sentence ended at 8.30am, his head was covered in a towel and he was driven from the Woolsten Correctional Centre in Brisbane to the airport.

Horne was segregated from other passengers, sitting in the air crew area behind a closed curtain.

His face was revealed for the first time since being freed after his plane landed at Hong Kong on a stop-over.

Horne’s case echoes that of paedophile Robert Excell, 67, who went to Australia aged ten but was deported in 2005 after almost 40 years in jail. He went to live in Oxford under a new name.

And in May last year, vile Keith Jamieson, 56, arrived back in Britain from Oz after more than ten years in jail for raping boys aged ten to 18.

The Home Office said deported sex offenders are met at the airport and interviewed by police.

Cops in the area he goes to will be alerted.

Abuse victims’ support group Phoenix Survivors said the case highlighted the need for an internal sex offenders’ register, to ensure countries work together.

Failure to abide by sex offender rules could see Horne jailed for five years. Meanwhile, he will be out there, somewhere.

when you get a recognised and managed risk to children in one country, that individual is immediately recognised and managed as a risk to children in all countries. We can make sure that our authorities meet and assess the risk he poses the moment he touches down on British soil.

However, we are fully aware that UK authorities are extremely legally limited in what they can do to protect us from him. He will most likely be left to a British charity to look after.

Under the current system, the first time that British authorities will be able to do anything is if and when this man re-offends.

Time warped

WE used to send our convicts to Australia, instead of the other way round.

Deportation ... British convicts arriving in Australia, circa 1788. Many of them were vile criminals - they may have stolen a loaf of bread

It was done to ease Britain’s overcrowded jails and in 1788 the first fleet of 11 ships, with 735 lags, landed in Botany Bay, Sydney.

The cons were forced to work on labour camps and many starved to death as they had no farming skills.

About 164,000 were sent there on 806 ships until the scheme ended in 1868 — because innocent folk wanted to settle there.