Canadian soldiers making progress: MacKay



KANDAHAR, Afghanistan -- Canada's defence minister says soldiers are making progress in their efforts to make Afghanistan a safer place, despite the claims of critics.

Peter MacKay toured a road construction project and a newly opened causeway over the Arghandab River during a whirlwind three-day tour.

He says those projects would have been impossible had security in Kandahar province not improved over the last year.

MacKay also says it will be up to the Canadian Forces to decide whether troops should be in Afghanistan for more than six months at a stretch.

He says Canada is focused on training Afghan soldiers and police so they can handle security once coalition forces leave.

MacKay says the 2011 timeline for Canada's Afghan mission will make it easier to decide how many boots on the ground Canada will need.

Peter MacKay...?

This guy can't tell when his personal relationship is down the tubes and he's bright enough to be telling Canadians how things are going in Afghansitan?

Peter MacKay is a joke....but perfectly suited to politics in Canada.
What? Can't tell when his personal relationship is down the tubes? That was friggin over with a year or so ago.... and what does his personal relationship status have to do with anything in the report?

I personally have my issues with McKay on a few different reasons, but him being thrown in as Defence Minister made more sense them as forign affairs minister. He grew up in my hometown, which has always had a high regard for Canada's military, and most in NS will join the military at some point in their lives.... it's kinda the way things go around here.... mainly because the Canadian Government is too cheap to try and bring more jobs here, so most have no other choice.... or they move out west.

But considdering the backgrounds of the other politicians in the government today, McKay is probably the most qualified for the position, as unfortunate as that sounds. (I figured he'd be thrown in as D.Minister eventually, and he did)

But can you refute his claims about security in regards to the new projects in progress/completed?
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