Iraq war costs US$12 billion per month: study



The flow of blood may be ebbing, but the flood of money into the Iraq war is steadily rising, new analyses show. In 2008, its sixth year, the war will cost approximately $12 billion a month, triple the "burn" rate of its earliest years, Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph E. Stiglitz and co-author Linda J. Bilmes report in a new book.
Beyond 2008, working with "best-case" and "realistic-moderate" scenarios, they project the Iraq and Afghan wars, including long-term U.S. military occupations of those countries, will cost the U.S. budget between $1.7 trillion and $2.7 trillion -- or more -- by 2017.
Interest on money borrowed to pay those costs could alone add $816 billion to that bottom line, they say.
The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has done its own projections and comes in lower, forecasting a cumulative cost by 2017 of $1.2 trillion to $1.7 trillion for the two wars, with Iraq generally accounting for three-quarters of the costs.
Variations in such estimates stem from the sliding scales of assumptions, scenarios and budget items that are counted. But whatever the estimate, the cost will be huge, the auditors of the Government Accountability Office say.

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Well Americans wanted this war it's only appropriate they foot the bill....

That their children will be paying for their "big-stick-diplomacy" seems perfectly OK to most Americans....

It seems the "War on Terror" that replaced the "Ugent Necessity" of mythical WMDs and burgeoning nuclear weapons programs has morphed once again into stealth bankruptcy...

Looks good on them.
The problem is that the Americans who did support this unneccessary debacle aren't paying for it at all. They can't even sacrifice a few bucks to fund this mess while men and women do the real sacrificing in Iraq.


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