Common sense seems to be missing

#1 By "investigating" a leak that some think influenced the defeat of Barack Obama in the Ohio primary last Tuesday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper is making a mistake.
There really is nothing to investigate.
If any mistake was made, it was by Obama, by saying in a debate with Hillary Clinton the week before that if he were elected president of the U.S. he would scrap the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), or renegotiate its terms, because it was killing jobs in Ohio.
I watched the de-bate in the United States, and Obama's remark was in response to Hillary's observation that NAFTA was harmful to Ohio. She said her 35 years of experience (as Bill Clinton's wife) would enable her to effect changes that benefit Ohio. Overlooked by both Democratic candidates was that Canada and Mexico are Ohio's biggest trading partners.
China and its low wages and aggressive manufacturing are what hurts jobs and the economy in Ohio.
There have been a number of knee-jerk reactions that have made a few politicians look silly, including Obama, Clinton, and Harper. Obama and Clinton jumping on NAFTA as the cause of Ohio's employment problems, and Harper leaping in and vowing to get to the bottom of it when there was nothing to get to the bottom of. The problem was initially Obama talking without thinking. We all remember Hillary Clinton blaming Canada for somehow letting the 9/11 terrorists into the U.S.. This whole tempest in a teacup, hopefully, will blow away......I'm sure both Obama and Clinton would like that.
Blivet to the right. Blivet to the left.

Picka yer take.

Hey! Harper had to somehow prove his loyalty to whoever might be president....

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