Jeff Healey

I have just heard that Jeff Healey passed away from cancer today. This is a tragic lost to Canadian culture. My condolances to his family.
Jeez, sorry to hear that. He was a great musician.
Wow. First I heard of this. Definitely a big loss for the music world.
lone wolf
I met him in my taxi and will not forget that trip. Dedo's, Pleasant Point and all of Lindsay weeps.

In search of that lost chord?

Rest in Peace, Jeff....

Yes, very sad news.


R.I.P. Mr. Healey. Got a chance to see him play live many times over the past 20 years or so. We just lost a great musician.
He was sitting next to me at a bar one night. I remember my buddy wanting to go up to say hi, but I said he probably just wanted to be alone. He obviously heard me because he tapped my shoulder right away and asked for a cigeratte. The three of us talked up a storm for an hour or so. Great night.
Sad news. So young.
While I was not a fan of his music, there can be no denying that he had lots of talent. He did not let his disability get him down and he did what he loved to do. Play music.

Rest in peace, Mr. Healey.
Man, a good buddy of mine is (was??) doing sound at his club a few nights a week- I never made it there but he always had great things to say about the man, very sad-
And as a guitarist I can state that he was almost frighteningly talented, what a sad way to start the day
Facebook users, there is a tribute site now in place for Jeff Healey. The outpouring of love and admiration by his fans is quite something to read. (external - login to view)
I had the privilege to watch him perform here in St Paul during the Minnesota State Fair about 15 years ago. And a true privilege it was.

You have lost a National Treasure. My deepest condolences to the entire Canadian family.
I am the same age (41) and still feel I have alot to do/see in life. It still is a relatively young age to die. I didn't know he had cancer. What a horrible disease.
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I am the same age (41) and still feel I have alot to do/see in life. It still is a relatively young age to die. I didn't know he had cancer. What a horrible disease.

He'd had cancer from the time he was born. Which I didn't know until this happened. It struck me how hard that must be on family, to know that you're on borrowed time, always fighting the cancer in some way or another.
For anyone who hasn't seen Jeff play, or those who have and want to see more, this is awesome.


Just finished watching Jeff Healey Live at Montreux 1999. Highly recommended for all you fans of this great guitarist. Pat Rush sits in with the band, a wonderful slide player. Hearing Healey sing Angel Eyes is very moving after his passing just a few short days ago. Joe Rockman on bass and Tom Steven on drums, his long time bandmates, are at the top of their game as well on this video.
If you're in the Toronto area check out this show, if only to hear Ian Gillan scream out those high notes. Although I think he's scaled back his screaming a bit since he's gotten older. Still, he'd be worth the ticket price. (external - login to view)

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