Prince Harry to be pulled from Afghanistan

CTV News
Prince Harry is being pulled out of Afghanistan after news of his deployment to the region was leaked in the media, Britain's Ministry of Defence confirmed Friday.

Is that why it was leaked?
I dunno, it sounds kinda usless to have him in the military if they have to get all dainty with his missions.

Like frig.... do they think that in a battle and from a distance the enemy is going to know who he is in a standard uniform compared to others in his unit?

Then again, I suppose the Paparazzi would soon be swamming the desert looking for the next shot of the Prince cleaning his gun in his underwear or something now that they know where he is.
Probably already moved from there. If he was there in December (even you take it to mean the beginning of that month) and he was scheduled to return to the UK in a few weeks (anyway) with his group does that mean all UK deployments are only 3 months (or so) long? Aren't Canadian and American deployments for quite a bit longer than 3 months?
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