Yoohooo... we are flying on coco nuts!

First biofuel flight touches down

The Boeing 747 was partly fuelled by coconut and Brazilian babassu

The first flight by a commercial airline to be powered partly by biofuel has landed in Amsterdam.

Billed by Virgin Atlantic as a green fuel breakthrough, the firm's flight from Heathrow did not carry passengers.

Earlier this month, Airbus used the world's largest passenger jet, the A380, to test another alternative fuel - a synthetic mix of gas-to-liquid.
Many environmentalists argue that cultivating biofuel is not sustainable and will lead to reduced land for food.

news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/7261214.stm (external - login to view)

I think it is still in its pioneering stages and could over time be perfected to the point where the energy from one coconut could transport us from Heathrow to Amsterdam!
Seriously, I too have my doubts. Just thinking how we would drain the fertility out of the land, constantly have to whip it up with massively applying fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. That would lead to more and more pollution of groundwater, rivers and lakes.
No, thank you!!

What do you think? Any grand ideas??

Provided the corn doesn't clog up the fuel line, it's ok in my books.

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