U.S. stealth bomber crashes after takeoff

CTV News
A U.S. B-2 stealth bomber, worth more than US$1 billion, crashed shortly after takeoff from a western Pacific base in Guam. It is the first time such a bomber has crashed.

Not very stealthy if they knew it crashed and found the wreckage.

..... that's a joke.

Early studies of delta wings led aircraft designers to ask if an entire airplane could consist only of a wing, with basically no fuselage whatsoever. Such all-wing aircraft would have excellent payload and range capabilities because they would produce less drag than a conventional aircraft. This was true because the tail and fuselage normally cause a significant amount of drag. Eliminate the tail and fuselage and you have eliminated a great deal of drag, enhanced performance, reduced the amount of fuel required, and generally improved the handling capabilities of the airplane. These so-called flying wing designs were long a dream of a number of designers but did not become practical until recently. The biggest problem found when building a flying wing aircraft is that such designs are inherently unstable and they do not easily stay level in flight.

The aircraft are computer controlled and would be more than a pilot could handle if that computer help failed in any way. I have no idea why that airplane crashed but my first guess would be an electronic glitch of some sort.
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