Toll Toronto roads, expert panel says

Toll Toronto roads, expert panel says

Tolls on the 400-series highways, the Don Valley Parkway and Gardiner Expressway could bring in more than $7 billion, according to a report released Thursday by an independent panel set up by Mayor David Miller last fall.


If by independent, they mean headed up by a real estate magnate....? Oh by the way they intend to sell Toronto Hydro as well.
lone wolf
How does that work for the person from Oshawa heading across to London and what jurisdiction does the City of Toronto think it has on 400 series Provincial highways? If I recall correctly, the tolls from Highway 407 make Spain wealthy.

Good point wolf. I shouldn't have to pay Toronto to use the highway if I want to drive from Barrie (via 400/401) to Oshawa. Maybe they should toll (as in fine) some of the mad drivers who use the DVP who only got their license by bribing MTO instructors.

Toronto gets enough subsidies from the 905 to begin with.
lone wolf
I believe if they put a licence fee surcharge on vehicles registered within the City they'd earn good revenues - both from the tax and from the people who would switch to TTC.

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