Language police end dispute over Irish pub signs



MONTREAL -- The owners of a Montreal pub threatened with fines by Quebec's language police because of signs inside the establishment say the matter has been resolved.

McKibbin's Irish Pub had been told by the Office quebecois de la langue francaise that it would face fines if it didn't take down the antique English-language signs that make up much of the bar's decor.

A customer had complained about not being able to get service in French and an inspector noticed the signs when he investigated the complaint.

The Office said the signs violated the province's language laws.

It said later it would relent if owners proved the signs had cultural value.

Owners of McKibbin's met with Office officials Monday and said the matter has been worked out.

They also say the Office will review its inspection methods when it comes to commercial signs.

"It said later it would relent if owners proved the signs had cultural value."

^ Yeah a bit.... for one thing... It's an Irish Pub! They should put the menus in English and perhaps Gaelic, really screw them up.
I think it is high time for a "Gaulic Pub".
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I think it is high time for a "Gaulic Pub".

Gaulic ... now there's some REAL roots Francais....

...and the language cops'd bust it too.

I'm the first to admit this is ridiculous... It's this type of exaggeration that gives bill 101 such a bad rep outside of Quebec...
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Yeah, I've been following this story since it first came out earlier this month. Turns out the issue here was the language police being unfamiliar with it's own language laws. As much as I disagree with Quebec's language laws, I've been thinkin' to myself, how in the world can an organization set up to enforce a set of laws be taken seriously if it's inspectors (also know as the language police or tongue troopers) are unfamilar the laws they are trying to enforce? Vintage signs and posters inside the bar are clearly exempt from bill 101, yet the language police was not aware of this exclusion. Makes one wonder.....

Just think ... 18 million of our tax dollars go to the language police each year!
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.....Just think ... 18 million of our tax dollars go to the language police each year!

I'm in Nova Scotia... if any of my tax dollars are being spent in Quebec for such a stupid thing, then they're gonna hear some very colourful english words from me.

Generally speaking about the laws, I don't see a purpose for this to be in place in the first place.

I mean, if you are French in Quebec and you goto buy something or order something that is in English and they do not have any French translation, then use your friggin democratic rights and don't buy it or give your money to the company in question. Once they start loosing out on business because they're making signs and packaging not in french, then they'll quickly switch over..... common sense.

But then I suppose those Que.Seperatists love to spin it to make the rest of Canada out to get Quebec and assemilate the culture or something and somehow got this law in place..... frig, this isn't the 1700's anymore.

Think about it... packaging and labeling of pretty much everything in Canada, country-wide has both English and French on them. I can't honestly think of one thing that doesn't, so why does Quebec need to add their own law to punish those who don't follow what is basically common sense in Canada to begin with?

To me, it just seems sorta hateful towards English speaking people.
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