"Dracula family slaughtered Princess Diana", says Mohammed Fayed

The Princess Diana inquest continues and Mohammed Fayed - the owner of Harrods and Fulham football team - still believes that the British, with help from the Americans and the French, killed Diana and his son Dodi on 31st August 1997.

He even called Princess Diana's former father-in-law, Prince Philip, a "Nazi" even though the prince fought in the Royal Navy in WWII....

'Dracula family slaughtered Di'

Plot ... Mohamed Fayed after rant about Nazis & Dracula. He believes the British "murdered" Diana

Published: Today
The Sun

Al-Fayed has called Prince Philip a NAZI, even though the prince fought in the Royal Navy during WWII, taking part in the Battle of Crete. Fayed also says he should "go back to Russia or Germany" even though prince Philip was Greek before he became British.

THERE was uproar at the Diana inquest yesterday as Mohamed Fayed branded the Royals the “Dracula family” who slaughtered the Princess and his son Dodi.

He insisted Prince Charles was in on the plot so he could marry Camilla — who Mr Fayed branded “a crocodile”.

In the most extraordinary day so far of the four-month inquiry, the Harrods tycoon, 75, claimed a staggering list of conspirators was involved, including Tony Blair.

Dabbing his eyes with a handkerchief, grieving Mr Fayed said Prince Philip was a Nazi racist who did not want Diana, 36, to wed his Muslim son Dodi, 42.

In a tense exchange with Ian Burnett QC, counsel to the inquest, Mr Fayed said Prince Philip, 86, was “behind the assassination” and the Prince of Wales “participated”.

He said: “I am sure he (Charles) knew what was going to happen because he would like to get on and marry his Camilla.

“They cleared the decks. They finished her, they murdered her and now he is happy. He married his crocodile wife and he is happy with that.” Questioned further, Mr Fayed said: “It was a slaughter. Not murder.”

He told the High Court in London that Diana had told him Philip and Charles wanted to “get rid” of her. And if she was ever killed, to look at letters she kept in a wooden box at Kensington Palace.

Princess Diana ... theories

But, he said, royal butler Paul Burrell and Di’s sister Lady Sarah McCorquodale did not keep pledges to keep the correspondence safe.

He went on: “What the Royal Family has committed is a crime. She has suffered 20 years from the Dracula family, whether it is from Prince Charles or Prince Philip. I’m not resting until I find the truth.”

To laughter and hand-clapping from the public gallery, Mr Fayed held aloft a copy of a newspaper picture of Prince Philip as a 15-year-old in Germany, which “proved” he was a Nazi.

He thundered: “It is time to send him back to Germany or Russia. You want to know his original name? It ended in Frankenstein.

“It is well known he is racist. He will not accept my son as a person who is different religion, naturally tanned, curly hair.”

Asked by Mr Burnett if the Queen was involved in the murder plot, he replied: “I have no idea. I don’t think the Queen was involved.” Mr Burnett: “So Prince Philip runs the country in the background?” Mr Fayed: “That’s right.” Mr Burnett: “So we don’t live in a democracy at all, we are run by a 19th century autocracy.” Mr Fayed: “That’s right.”

Mr Fayed claimed those taking part in the plot included American, British and French spooks, top British diplomats, French judges and prosecutors and two former Scotland Yard police chiefs.

Among others were the Inland Revenue, Dodi’s former bodyguards and even French paramedics tending the crash in Paris in which she and Dodi died on August 31, 1997.


He also said America’s CIA and National Security Agency had been spying on Diana and Dodi, along with MI5, MI6, and France’s DGSE.

Mr Fayed blasted the decision to take the injured Princess to a hospital more than an hour from the scene of the crash — claiming it was a ploy to ensure she died.

Coroner Lord Justice Scott Baker asked: “So the medical team in the ambulance was part of the conspiracy?” Mr Fayed replied: “Not all of them, but some of them.”

He then said the British ambassador, Sir Michael Jay, was part of the plot and the Queen’s Private Secretary at the time, Sir Robert Fellowes, helped to run it from a secret “command centre” in Paris. Mr Fayed also slammed former Met Police chiefs Lord Stevens and Sir Paul Condon for covering up the “truth”. Astonishingly, he then said the Princess’s former divorce lawyer, Lord Mishcon, and the French public prosecutor, Maud Morel Coujard, were also involved.

The bemused coroner asked: “So not only were Lord Jay and Lord Fellowes involved in the conspiracy, but Madame Coujard was as well?”

Mr Fayed said: “What I said is certain. I’m fighting dark forces.”

A surprised Lord Justice Baker added: “There were a lot of people involved in this conspiracy by your account?” Mr Fayed: “It’s the facts.”

Richard Horwell QC, lawyer for the Met Police, repeatedly tied Mr Fayed in knots and the tycoon threatened to halt his evidence, storming: “It is just bulls***!

“I am not a mad person as you are trying to portray me.”

The lawyer quoted a letter Mr Fayed wrote in 2006 accusing then Prime Minister Tony Blair of being part of a death conspiracy. Mr Horwell asked: “We can add Tony Blair to the list?”
Mr Fayed: “Yes.”

Mr Fayed demanded to know why his version of events was being challenged when he paid “billions” in taxes. He then insisted that in the hours before the smash Diana had told him she was pregnant.

Dodi had also called to say he was just 60 minutes from asking her to marry him. Asked why friends and relatives of Diana all told the hearing she was NOT expecting, Mr Fayed accused her pal Rosa Monckton of being an MI6 spy. He said: “They are part of the cover-up and have been told what to say. You talk out of your backside.”


Mr Fayed also said it was not death crash chauffeur Henri Paul’s blood that was examined in a post mortem that showed he was three times the French drink-drive limit.

Doctors who performed the autopsy were “stooges” of French intelligence services, he said.

Mr Fayed also announced that French paparazzi photographer James Andanson, driving a white Fiat Uno, had deliberately crashed into Diana’s Mercedes and set off a strobe gun that blinded Mr Paul.

Andanson was murdered by British security in 2000, he said.

The court has heard evidence demolishing the Andanson theory.

Mr Fayed launched a tirade against Dodi’s bodyguard, Trevor Rees, who survived the death crash, claiming he had been turned against him by MI6. He said: “He is a crook. How can he betray me? I saved his life. Over 200,000 I spent on him.” The inquest continues.

Isn't there a genetic link with Hitler or something way back in the Royal household?

If a good fascist wealthy elitist family doesn't want their family marrying into Islamofascist capitalist entrepreneurial swarthy-men ...isn't that their right...
Fayed is just a sick deluded old man and only believes what he wants to. His theories are as insane as those of the 9/11 nutcases.
Quote: Originally Posted by MikeyDBView Post

Isn't there a genetic link with Hitler or something way back in the Royal household?

If a good fascist wealthy elitist family doesn't want their family marrying into Islamofascist capitalist entrepreneurial swarthy-men ...isn't that their right...

I believe most Europeans share some kind of genetic link.
We are obsessed with top-level conspiracy. Can't it be concluded that she died in a car accident?
lone wolf
Fayed's comment about Prince Philip's original surname blows him right out of the water. If it ended in "stein" he definately wasn't any NAZI....

Let the woman rest in peace.

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