Stasi-style secret police system forming in Canada, Britain, US

Well, I guess I have to eat my own words!!! My kids left me Saturday's Globe and Mail to read.
On the front page, you can't miss it!, it says:

Judge denies CSIS bid to track terror suspects.
Attempts by Canada's spy agency to be granted warrants that would allow it to carry out overseas electronic intercepts against nine Canadians and one foreigner have failed.
The Canadian Security Intelligence Service was told by the Federal Court, in a ruling made public late Yesterday, that it could not grant approval for the agency to use one of its most invasive techniques overseas.
The 10 suspects, none of whom are named, have been at the centre of a legal fight that has until now been a closely guarded secret. Yesterday's ruling includes censored elements that prevent the public from knowing if the suspects are alleged to work together or whether they are separated by country and motive.
The court's ruling is of critical importance because CSIS has in recent years argued it should be allowed greater autonomy in carrying out spying operations that take them beyond Canada's borders.
CSIS is largely restricted to domestic operations and its leaders have for years argued their hands are tied when suspects leave Canada. Compounding the problem is the fact that Canada's wiretap agency, the Communications Security Establishment, is explicitly banned from listening in on citizens of Canada.

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I found the article on the web!! Here is the link: (external - login to view)
I have noticed... our generals like a war and want to continue fighting, it's their profession, their livelihood.
Our spy agency wants to broaden its spying capabilities, it's their job, they love the challenges and the excitement!!
Our current government wants to please the Americans, because it makes them feel important, rubbing shoulders with the real BIG GUYS!!!
BUT I, the little ordinary hard-working Canadian, want us to remain friendly, peaceful and NEUTRAL!!! Do I not count?
By kidnapping and relocating to detention centers,

You mean arresting and sending to jails or juvenile halls, in compliance with its duties in the Geneva convention to maintain order in occupied territories right?

Man, talk about damned if you do and damned if you don't.
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