Montreal police break rules on using stun guns


Montreal police break rules on using stun guns

Documents obtained through access to information requests show that of the 53 occasions in which Montreal police fired stun guns in 2006 and 2007, 11 did not meet the force's criteria for using Tasers.

Incident reports show that police used stun guns on people who refused to comply or who put up passive physical resistance.

Montreal public security guidelines say police should use stun guns only on aggressive people, or suspects who actively resist arrest.
Yeah I remember seeing that clissic clip online of the father and her daughter pulled over by a highway trooper. Because he wouldn't take/pay the ticket, buddy troop went and tasered the hell out of the girls dad.

They should just take the things away from police and go back to the way things were..... "Do as I say or I shoot you"
I heard the female cops have problems to handle the suspects. Maybe they should have think about this before listening to the feminist. Now the same female are probably going to defend the taser gun to handle the suspect easier?

Since when they use the taser in Montréal and Québec province? Anybody know?

I don't like this weapon, I didn't like the paperspray either. They don't want to base cops hiring on strength and then they want stronger weapons.

I must admit I don't really know jack s about cops jobs, maybe they are right but until I get a close view, I'm against these kinds of weapons.
I think cops should have to wear shoulder cameras and while on the job, they should be being recorded and liable for breaches of rules.

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