Just Cons being Cons

And then Layton said Blah blah blah Lets pull out of Afghanistan.
"MacPhie, who supported Flaherty in a failed bid for the Ontario Conservative leadership, has insisted that his firm worked "very hard" and provided quality advice under his contract."

Just hard working Con crooks as opposed to hard working Liberal crooks. Layton on the sidelines, really pissed that he can't get at the trough................too rich.

I shouldn't read this crap. Spoils me whole day............

Same corporate republican banking MO, just a mistake, best value for the public money, action and leadership were needed to take the best advatage of a sweet deal, accountability responsibility leadership bipartisan cooperation war on terrorism blahblahblahblah buy now save later quality is job one, why wait for spring. The conservatives are the worst thing thats happened to this country since the Liberals and will only hold that title since the worst lady in waiting the NDP slither into power.We need a benevolent dictator who will be democratically elected every eight years, Me, don't make me invade, oops I'm already here, a reinvasion then or better yet three more months of winter, there that'll teach you who's running things, dead batteries frozen pipes slush snow shoveling from dawn till dusk, I warned you, now you'll suffer the wrath of the rodent, my good buddy Mr E Groundhog.
Let me peer into my crystal ball....The Opposition will bring it up in question period, the Government will compare to previous Government.

In the end, a breach of trust is a breach of trust. Granted it's not the same scale, but there should be no comparison at all, as our current Government was elected in large part to put an end to this sort of abhorrent behaviour.

Who the hell can be trusted to be impartial?
The new government is always elected to put an end to such practices.

You can trust ME to be completely impartial, I will eliminate all choice and focus on just one set of regulations democraticly arrived at through periodic free democratic elections that always support our/my/the peoples aspirations and love of this country our beloved Rotentia.

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