US admits killing civilians in Iraq

US admits killing Iraqi civilians

The US military has admitted accidentally killing nine Iraqi civilians, including a child, during raids south of Baghdad.
It added that three more civilians, two of them children, were wounded "as coalition forces pursued al-Qaeda".

It happened on Saturday during a raid.

Witnesses say 20 people were killed in an US air strike in the area.
They said the dead included 17 members of the same family.
"The incident is under investigation. We offer our condolences to the families of those who were killed in this incident, and we mourn the loss of innocent civilian life." (external - login to view)
How awful it must be to live in that country at this time! People can never relax... anytime death can occur! How much longer? The five-year anniversary is coming up,... they should do themselves a favor and go home!

Here are 10 Reasons Why the U.S. Must Leave Iraq (external - login to view)
US admits killing Iraqi civilians

NO!! Really?? (S)

sarcasm button........

Truth be known, they have killed a pile of em. Maybe some accidentally.

" who were killed"............should read, whom we slaughtered.

We do need better intelligence operatives
And this will keep on going.

They never claim to make steps in the future to avoid these situations, and even though they say there's a full investigation in progress, we'll never hear anything about it after this.

It'll get brushed under the carpet like all the others, and then forgotten about once they blow up a few more civilians, and they repeat the same steps until someone finally catches on and decides to do something about it.
It's an ugly war, no doubt!! But there are also little heartwarming incidents we rarely hear about.

My daughter just sent me this morning an email with a picture of an American soldier sleeping in a chair, on his chest he is holding a tiny little Iraqi girl with a head wound.
Her entire family was killed by insurgents and they were going to kill her, too. She now is in a hospital there and cries and cries. Only this soldier, John Gebhardt, can comfort her! For hours at night he holds her to his heart and they both fall asleep!

Unfortunately, I can not transfer the photo of them over here to CC, but I found another, smaller photo of the two on the web. Look here: (external - login to view)

As my daughter wrote, such stories need to be in the news!!!

P.S. I found the picture!!! (external - login to view)

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