Halifax Youth Court Judge Pam Williams found two teenagers not guilty of attempted murder Monday, even though she described the victim who identified them as "an extremely credible" witness.

Williams said she was not convinced that Warren Wesson correctly identified two men who shot him in his Agricola Street apartment last July. Wesson, who suffered wounds to his chest and hand, escaped his attackers by jumping from his second-storey apartment and flagging down a passing motorist.

"Mr. Wesson may well be right, but the benefit of the doubt must go to the accused," the judge said.

Williams also acquitted the teens of aggravated assault and several weapons charges.

At trial, Wesson identified two boys, aged 16 and 17, as his attackers. He picked their photos from a police data base shortly after the attack, and said he knew them only by their street names — Soldier and Little Man.

William Dobbin, the only other man in the apartment at the time of the shooting, testified that the pair had nothing to do with the attack.

The judge noted that both Wesson, 40, and Dobbin were high on drugs that night. Wesson had testified he had smoked 10 rocks of crack cocaine.

Wesson testified that he was very familiar with both accused because they had come to his apartment several times looking for marijuana, in the days before the shooting.

But Williams said there was reasonable doubt because Wesson may have identified the boys based on seeing them on those occasions, rather than during the attack.

What a load of BS this is..... so since drugs were involved these kids got away.... even though the shooters were well known to her.

So since they were taking drugs, apparently the victim must have got her days screwed up and must have placed their faces on the bodies of the real killers?

FFS this justice system is a joke. The exact same thing occured to me, but I was sober and those who attacked me were drunk and whatever else they were under.

They caught one of them that night, he blabbed the other guys' names, they phoned me a few days later trying to tell me it wasn't them who attacked me, yet in the same conversation, tried to excuse why they attacked me.

Oh, but since I couldn't identify my attackers..... 4 MONTHS AFTER MY ATTACK when they finally got off their *** to talk to me about it and bring me photos to point out.... They got off their charges as if nothing ever happened.

These people shot her in the chest and head, she jumped from a 2nd story window to escape with her life..... OH BUT BECAUSE THEY WERE DOING DRUGS.... THEY MUST HAVE BEEN SO SCREWED UP THAT THEY JUST PICKED PEOPLE THEY KNEW??

Who the hell else would have done it?

Reasonable Doubt? That's not any F*cking reasonable doubt.... That's grasping F*ing straws is what it is.

I'm so sick of this current F'ing justice system, it almost makes you start to think maybe you should start committing crimes yourself... at least then you'd have some rights.