Queen's eldest grandson to marry his Canadian sweetheart at Balmoral

The Queen's eldest grandson, Peter Phillips, is to marry his Canadian girlfriend, Autumn Kelly, on the Queen's estate at Balmoral in Scotland.

Autumn Kelly is a Catholic and, under the 1701 Act of Settlement, Catholics are not allowed on the British Throne. That means Autumn will have to renounce her faith or Peter will lose his place in the line of Succession. He is 11th in line to the Throne.

Peter's sister, Zara Phillips, is also engaged to be married - to England rugby star Mike Tindall.

Peter Phillips to marry his Canadian sweetheart at Balmoral

26th January 2008
Daily Mail

The Queen's eldest grandson, Peter Phillips, has decided to hold his wedding to Canadian Autumn Kelly in Scotland, sources claimed yesterday.

He is said to have chosen the tiny Crathie Kirk, near Balmoral Castle.

It is the village church where his mother Princess Anne married for the second time 16 years ago after her divorce from his father, Mark.

Some constitutional experts say that unless Peter's fiancee, a staunch Catholic, renounces her faith, he will lose his place in the line of succession to the Throne - he is 11th although he holds no Royal titles. They claim the Act of Settlement of 1701 still bans the marriage to Catholics of all Royals.

Engaged: Peter Phillips and his fiancee Autumn Kelly

Anne married Timothy Laurence at Crathie Kirk in 1992 after also facing an historical issue.

Holding the wedding in the Church of Scotland allowed her to overcome the Church of England's ban on divorcees remarrying.

The engagement between Peter, 30, and Miss Kelly, 31, a management consultant, was announced in July. However, no mention was made of her religion.

Last night a spokesman for Buckingham Palace would only say: "Peter Phillips is a private individual and it is not something we wish to comment on."

But the Tablet, a Catholic weekly, has established that she was baptised in 1978 at St John Fisher Catholic Church in Point-Claire, near Montreal.

Princess Anne marries Timothy Lawrence

A spokesman for the church said her mother, Kitty, had authorised the information to be disclosed, adding that her daughter was proud of her religion.

Cardinal Keith O'Brien, head of the Catholic Church in Scotland, told the Tablet: "Whether a person be 40th or second in line to the throne, it is wrong they be deprived of that right because they have fallen in love and chosen to marry a Roman Catholic."

The wedding date is not known but there has been speculation Peter's sister Zara will be a bridesmaid and Prince William best man.

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No Catholics allowed on the throne? Whatta pile of barbaric, bombastic, bigotted bullshyte. But it's another display of religious nonsense. Glad I am atheist. Sorry I am not writing for British newspapers.
Henry the eighths idea - reason for the church of England of which, the Queen is head of.
Who cares? This is exactly as important as news of Britney Spears.

Yeah- I know, but I thought I should tell him why there are no catholics allowed in the British Monarchy.
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