Police say 12-year-old made up attempted abduction story

Joel Kom, Calgary Herald

Published: Wednesday, January 16, 2008
A 12-year-old girl who claimed a stranger had tried to abduct her earlier this week was making the story up, police said Wednesday.
The girl had told police that a man had followed her home as she was walking along Templehill Road N.E. at about noon Monday.
She said she ran home to escape him, but when she ventured outside an hour later thinking the man had left, he was still following her.
The girl said the stranger eventually caught her, grabbing her by the hair and covering her mouth with his hand.
She claimed to have wrestled herself free and run to her nearby school to safety.
On Wednesday, police said that multiple interviews have revealed the complaint was phoney.
The girl had provided police with a detailed description of a red-haired man who she said had tried to abduct her, but police said they are no longer looking for any suspects.
Police said they have also called Child and Family Services to talk with the girl.
"She made the complaint for some reason," said Calgary Police spokesman Chris Downey.
Police had issued a public alert about the apparent abduction on Monday, and said Wednesday they were working with the best information they had at the time.
Officers have a duty to warn the public when they believe an abduction or attempted abduction has occured, police said.

And again.....Another one...... 3 wasted days of police looking for the suspect....Paranoid parents walking their kids to and from school.... A Comunity in fear...
What drives a kid to make something like that up I wonder?
Lack of attention, lack of love and protection at home, I guess
And the next time this could happen for real, and people will just say "Oh, it's just another prank.". It is not smart to cry wolf with something so serious.
Might not be lack of attention, but rather an addiction to attention. Drama Queen perhaps?
personallyI think she should have to do some sort of comunity service...
'filing a false police report'. I'd charge her if I were them.
but they won't.. and aren't... I think there should be manditory comunity hours for kids that make false accusations..... can you imagin the horror if there was a guy that even slightly resembled this guy.... or if it was you that made that resemblence....

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