Mom Leaves Children at Fire Station

The forum I get a lot of my child related news from (man, the abuse and horrors they dig up from the news services... makes you sick) also posted this article. I applaud this mother. Considering what some parents resort to when overwhelmed and angry, this has got to be one of the better ways to handle it.

Mom Leaves Children At Fire Station For Bad Behavior

By Carl Willis

POSTED: 11:08 am CST January 12, 2008

HOUSTON -- A mother left her two children at a Cy-Fair fire station on Friday because they were misbehaving, officials told KPRC Local 2.Precinct 4 deputy constables said it was unusual but not illegal."She dropped the children off and said, 'You need to learn to behave,' or something to that effect," Lt. Michael Young said. "The children were a little nondescript in exactly what the mother said. She drove off."

Deputies were able to get the grandmother's name and number from the 8-year-old boy and 10-year-old girl. They called her and she called the mother, who eventually returned to Cy-Fair fire station 1.Deputies said the mother did not break the law."The mother's not going to jail so, yes in this particular case there aren't going to be any criminal charges," Young said.Authorities said that the state's "Baby Moses" law, which allows parents to leave babies at hospitals, fire departments or emergency medical service facilities, may apply to this case even though the children are well over the 60-day or younger age requirement written in the law.Deputies said they were just glad the siblings were unharmed."The kids are fine. They're well fed. They're well taken care of, they're in school," Young said. "They got a chance to play with the fire truck and look at it and watch some movies and talk with the chaplain here at the station."The children were not immediately handed back to the mother."She wants the kids back. But we're going to take them to CPS, let (them) look into the parenting aspects that this particular family is using to discipline their children," Young said.Child Protective Services officials said there are many services available to parents who may feel overwhelmed.
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neat concept... free babysitting. now what would have happened if they were younger and there had been a fire...
free babysitting.... I suppose you could look at it that way. But, I've lived in communities where the FCSS did just that for moms. They'd set up play groups where we could all go, dump our kids in the play room, and go sit in the coffee room, chatting, or listening to demonstrations on topics ranging from first aid to hair cuts. Just to get us away for a bit. Talk to us, see how we were doing, make sure everyone was holding on okay and no one was about to snap and beat their kids or worse.

I think any child welfare system (and it's not exactly free for her, as now she's IN the system), recognizes the value in a bit of respite, even if it's as poorly planned as this particular one.
but then again.. the moms that really needed these services..would probably be the last to use them.. sad...
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but then again.. the moms that really needed these services..would probably be the last to use them.. sad...

It ends up needing to be a community initiative. If lots of moms are willing to take advantage, then others don't need to feel conspicuous. I know when FCSS decided to put on a seminar on parenting strategies which avoid physical punishment, we decided as a group that we would all sign up for it. That way no mom was left walking to the board to sign up, looking like 'THE' mom who had a problem with hitting her kids too much.
personally, I've never had a problem with hitting my kids....... unless they ducked.
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