Nine Injured on Air Canada Flight.

Apparently you want to keep that seat belt on, even when they say you don't have to. A 20 meter drop is pretty extreme. Jan 10.

CALGARY — Nine people on board an Air Canada jet were hurt — some seriously — Thursday morning when their flight from Victoria to Toronto encountered turbulence. The Airbus A319 made an unscheduled landing in Calgary, where the injured were whisked off the plane on stretchers into waiting ambulances.
“The City of Calgary Emergency Medical Services has transported a total of six patients to area hospitals with stable but potentially life-threatening (injuries),” said Stuart Brideaux of Calgary Emergency Medical Services.
“That would include injuries to do with the neck and back or other muscular skeletal-type injuries.” Brideaux said three more passengers on flight AC190 had minor injuries.
The airline did not immediately release any details on the cause of the trouble, but one passenger said the aircraft hit turbulence.
“One side of the plane just went up a little sideways and then it just sort of went back down,” the woman told CBC Newsworld.
“Our friend was really hurt, so we really want to get to her. She flew up and hit the ceiling and right back down.”
A Calgary police spokesman said he also understood the flight had encountered turbulence.
Emergency officials said the plane was carrying 86 passengers and five crew. An Air Canada news release said the preliminary passenger list indicated it was carrying only 83 passengers.
The aircraft landed without incident at Calgary International Airport just after 8 a.m. and was immediately surrounded by 19 ambulances and other emergency vehicles.
After the passengers were taken off, fire crews began going through the plane to make sure there were no more hazards, Jeff Budai of the Calgary Fire Department told CBC Newsworld.
The rough flight was the second in Canada in recent months. In September, nine people were hurt and three sent to hospital after a Halifax-bound WestJet flight hit turbulence with little warning.
Passengers described people who were standing up or not buckled in being tossed about and lifted out of their seats.
While they said it felt like the plane fell several hundred metres, the airline said data indicated the altitude drop was about 20 metres.
Transport Canada said that in that case, it appeared the flight crew followed proper procedure.
I fly Air Canada and Star Alliance all the time, and Air Canada staff always advises people to keep their seatbelt fastened for the entire during of the flight until the plane comes to a final parking position. If somebody hit the ceiling, I don't really feel any sympathy. The rules are there for a reason and a lot of people I see flying don't pay any attention at all.
I never unbuckled when I flew, because I passed out on gravol before we even got up in the air, and didn't wake up until we were coming down. lol. I've really only flown three times, and I've loathed each one.
That happened on one of my flights to New Zealand a couple of years ago, it was like 9 hours into the flight and the seatbelt sign was on but there were big line ups for the washrooms. The captain came on the intercom and pretty much yelled at everyone to sit down and buckle up, that the signs weren't just a suggestion. So everyone did and about 10 minutes later we did a drop. No one moved after that except for the people that basically ran to the washroom and ran back!
Man, it would really suck to be stuck in the bathroom during one of those drops.
Quote: Originally Posted by karrieView Post

Man, it would really suck to be stuck in the bathroom during one of those drops.

LOL - Ok I know it really shouldn't be funny but I had never actually thought of that!
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Man, it would really suck to be stuck in the bathroom during one of those drops.

Haha, that's what I thought when I heard of this this morning. I wonder if any of the hurt passengers were babies?
I doubt there were babies hurt T. Babies don't get the musculoskeletal injuries adults get nearly as easily. They tend to be all relaxed and flexible, and their bones aren't as brittle.

That, and the news paper would have said if there'd been, because it's more sensational that way.

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