Vancouver man accused of beating puppy to death



A Vancouver man whose puppy was allegedly beaten to death in his West End apartment is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday to face animal cruelty charges.

At 7:30 a.m. PT Tuesday, Vancouver police were called to an apartment complex in the 1100-block of Harwood Street. Residents reported hearing banging and a dog yelping in a neighbouring suite, the BC SPCA said in a news release.

Inside the suite, police found a dead male pit bull-cross puppy in the bathroom. It had apparently been struck repeatedly in the head with a hammer.

The BC SPCA plans a necropsy on the dog and has recommended charges of animal cruelty against its owner, whose name has not been released.

If charged and convicted, the owner could face a maximum fine of $2,000, up to six months in jail and a prohibition on owning animals for a period of time determined by a judge, said the BC SPCA.

A neighbour, Graham Robertson, told CBC News on Tuesday it sounded like the beating when on for nearly half an hour.

"The dog was obviously suffering a tremendous amount," said Robertson.
"Just when you'd think it was over, you'd hear the dog start to whimper again and it would start up again."

A spokesperson for the BC SPCA said the man told investigators the 15-week-old pit bull attacked him.

"We need to remind ourselves that this is a puppy," said senior animal protection officer Eileen Drever. "At 15 weeks old, it was probably teething."

Oh no! The big bad puppy attacked him.... so he felt he needed to bash in his head with a hammer for an hour and a half?

If you can't handle a pet and the issues that come with them, or you just don't have a damn clue what you're doing with animals.... DON'T OWN ONE!

Now I wonder why they never released his name? Is he underage, therefore the title shouldn't be claimed as "Man" ~ Or is he an adult? If he's an adult, then I see no reason not to release this jerkassez name.

Oh but Prax.....

What the hell do you want again?

.... Well Prax, if they release his name, people who are emotionally affected by the details of this story may want to seek vigilante justice. We don't want that do we?

Why the hell not? Life isn't fair and clearly neither is the justice system for quite sometime... esspecially when it comes to other living creatures besides humans taking the brunt of human aggression.

This should be a classic example why stoning should be permitted for extreme situations. He kills a puppy with a hammer for an hour and a half.... how about a few of us drop a few boulders in his skull in a ditch to see how he likes it..... make it an hour and a half too, even if he doesn't live through it.... get the point across to others. If people can't learn decent morals and determine what's right and what's wrong through current education and social interaction like everybody else, then perhaps make them learn through physical consiquence directly related to the crimes they commited.

It seems to be the way they solve their own problems.... dish it back to them in a manner they can understand in a very simple fashion.

But that's just me. Personally I don't even think the above penalties come remotely close to a punishment or to teach him that what he did was wrong.

If you're sick of the animal you are taking care of, or becomes too stressful, give it away to someone who will care. If you're gonna dump your kids off a bridge (See other thread) wouldn't it be easier to give them up for adoption or something?

I don't want to make myself sound like I know everything, but one thing I do know.... There's a lot more stupid twats out there then I. Wait, can I say Twats? I mean Twits.
When it comes to animal and children abusers, I have nothing but absolute disgust for them.
I work at a veterinary clinic. It doesn't happen often but I see some of these things first hand. It usually is cats though and it usually is the kids that find their cats all broken and bleeding, dragging their little bodies home. These familys look me in the face and ask Why would someone do this to him! The law doesn't do enough IMHO. It just disgusts me.
This person should never have an animal or child in his care ever again.
I think this guy needs to be on the receiving end of hammer blows for his punishment, what a sadistic prick.
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I think this guy needs to be on the receiving end of hammer blows for his punishment, what a sadistic prick.

Well at least I don't feel so bad with what I said, lol.
The judge should sentence him to visit this guy for a few months.


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