Riddle of the Queen's bruised neck as she meets king of Tonga

Queen Elizabeth II appeared at an engagement yesterday sporting an enormous bruise on her neck that is thought she sustained in an accident.

The Queen, who is now 81, met fellow monarch King George Tupou V of Tonga and, despite her age (and concerns about her health) she still works tirelessly.

On Saturday, the Queen will overtake Queen Victoria as Britain's oldest serving monarch ever. She overtook King George III last Wedneday.....

Riddle of the Queen's bruised neck

19th December 2007
Daily Mail

The Queen appeared with an enormous bruise on her neck during an engagement at Buckingham Palace yesterday.

The painful-looking injury started underneath her hairline and spread across to the left.

Its green and yellow mottled colouring suggested it was the result of an injury she received within the last week when she is thought to have been at home at the Palace.

Queen Elizabeth II shakes hands with King George Tupou V of Tonga, during a private meeting at Buckingham Palace

Last night officials attempted to dismiss the bruise as the result of a "slight knock", but it was very much in evidence as she greeted the king of Tonga yesterday.

Its appearance is likely to renew speculation about the state of her health.

Although she has just returned from a gruelling tour of Uganda and has a full programme of engagements already booked in for next year, the 81-year-old Queen has been dogged by ill health of late.

Last year she was forced to cancel a series of engagements after badly straining a muscle in her back. She also suffered a haemorrhage in an eye that plagued her for several weeks.

She was subsequently photographed with a plaster on her hand, leading to speculation that she had been given a dose of medicine intravenously or had had a blood sample taken - although some suggested it was the result of a scratch from one of her corgis.

It is not known how the monarch sustained the mark which can be seen under her left ear

The Palace yesterday insisted the Queen was fine, pointing out that she carried out a full day of engagements, including spending three hours handing out Christmas presents to 700 royal household staff.

One who saw her said: "She looked fit as a fiddle."

Her spokesman said: "She's got a slight bruise. She just knocked it. It's nothing to worry about.

"She's done a full day's work including handing out Christmas presents to the staff and greeting the king of Tonga."

The Queen appeared to show no sign of discomfort, smiling broadly as she greeted George Tupou V, king of the South Pacific islands, on his official visit to Britain.

That is the biggest hickey ever! Is Phillip dead yet. I heard he was gay. Hmm. Guess more like bi. But if he's dead? The Queen's got some 'splainin to do. What about those Corgis. I had one as a child and it could be rather bitchy.
Sounds like the Prince got a little too frisky with the old bag
That bruse doesn't look like an impact bruse, but more like a circulatory issue in that area.

I can't think of anything logical which would have cause that sort of a bruse on impact at the angle and location of where it is.

It looks more like she fell asleep in a chair for a period of time with a stiff neck support system placed behind her head which may have cut off circulation in that area of the neck if her head was bent on an awkward angle, as the edges of the bruse seem to be faded into the rest of the skin like it was attributed to a prolonged soft pressure.

Just my two cents on the matter.... I don't think someone throttled her around the palace to put her in her place.

Wait, what's her place again? Oh yeah.... Queen :P
How many people 81 years old aren't on blood thinners? My grandpa's covered in bruises all the time from the slightest bumps and thumps.
lone wolf
She on blood thinners?

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Sounds like the Prince got a little too frisky with the old bag

A misfired donkeypunch?
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A misfired donkeypunch?

lol, would you like a donkey punch with your tea dear?
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lol, would you like a donkey punch with your tea dear?

Maybe she was turning her head to watch the webcam broadcast at the wrong time...
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