Labour Relations

Why should an employee have to risk the possibility of never again being hired by anyone when they have a bonified complaint towards an employer?

Should there not be a system of employers having to verify just treatment of their employees?

Seems like if an employer can bill their customer for 10 hours and they paid the employee straight wages then there is a paper trail as to whether the employee was short paid.

Labour relations will not do anything unless an employee files a complaint and risks not being able to find another job.

Seems like if Labour Relations or some other body of Government actually inforced the Labour Laws there would be no need for Unions.

Daughter In law had to work 10 1/2 hours-no Lunch break no overtime. "your can always quit"
That's just shyte!!!

Some employers are so lost in time.

She has legal recourse, and using the Ministry of labour shouldn't affect future employment, lest a future employer call this ******* for a referrence and he gives her a poor one, for no other reason then spite, which agian is actionable.

I went through something simular with my wife a few years ago. She worked for Tim Hortons part time while our youngest require her to be home at the beginning and end of his day.

A girl she worked with, was stung by a 'yellow jacket' inside the store, and had a serious enough reaction to warrant a 911 call and a lengthy stay in the hospital.

Upon my wifes visit to the hospital, not only did she find that the store owner hadn't called, nor come to vist the poor girl. On top of that, she was not aware that was a work related accident and was entitled to workmans compensation.

My wife called me, I confirmed her suspitions and she made sure that the girl pushed the issue.

My wife was subsiquently laid off within a couple days.

They told her it was temperary, but the dates given were beyond what the Ministry deems 'temperary'.

When she pointed this out, all with the fact that it all seemed quite coincidental, that she be laid off after informing her friend of her rights, she was told to shove it.

Now it does help to have a friend that is an investigator for the Ministry of Labour, but I can assure you, my friendship didn't change that fact that not only was my wife awarded a small, but symbolic settlement, but the Tim Hortons owner was fined for not reporting a workplace accident.

She used Tim Hortons on her resume and it didn't stop anyone from hiring her in the future.

My best advice my friend is, tell her to bust some balls.

I do have a few questions though...

Is she in Ontario?

Is her employment in Agriculture?

Does her employer have a posted permit for extended work hours?

Does she have a contract with the employer that may negate any action against him?
I've never heard of an employer asking if you've filed a complaint with labour relations before. I have plenty of friends who've done it for various short pays and working hour issues, being denied breaks, that sort of thing. They've never had trouble finding work as a result. Most managers hiring someone know that there are a host of awful bosses out there.

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