Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, now a Middle East envoy, has made a lighthearted appearance in George Bush's Christmas video, where he congratulates Bush's two dogs, Barney and Miss Beazley, on becoming junior park rangers.

Tony Blair, a Scotsman, says to the two Scottish Terriers: "As someone born in Edinburgh, Scotland, it's good to see the Scots doing well."

Tony Blair cameos with Bush's dog in video

By Alex Spillius in Washington
The Telegraph

Watch: President Bush's dog stars in this year's White House Christmas video - alongside Tony Blair (click on photo)

It is not so much Tony Blair the poodle as Tony Blair a dog's best friend.

The canine in question is Barney, President George W Bush's Scots Terrier.

The former Prime Minister makes a cameo appearance in Barney Cam, a seasonal feature of the Bush administration, designed to be a light-hearted look behind the doors of the White House that raises awareness for a worthy cause.

Barney and his fellow terrier Miss Beazley aspire to become junior park rangers and scamper around the White House as it is decorated for the Christmas holidays.

After the country singer Alan Jackson congratulates them on "going country", Mr Blair appears.

"Well done," the former prime minister says. "As someone born in Edinburgh, Scotland, it's always good to see the Scots doing well."

He then holds that famous Colgate grin for an uncomfortably long time, as if holding on to the fading limelight.

Mr Blair of course has dramatic pedigree, having lent his visage and voice to The Simpsons in 2003, greeting Homer and Marge on a trip to London.

The Barney video, first made available on the White House's website, will reach a smaller, mainly American audience than the globally syndicated children's television show, which probably explains why Mr Blair was asked to stress Edinburgh, Scotland, rather than Edinburgh, Indiana.

Mr Bush once said that if only Barney and his wife Laura agreed with him he would still continue the war in Iraq.

Mr Blair of course was, fatefully, his most faithful ally in the war.

In the twilight of the Bush years - he leaves office in January 2009 - it is perhaps appropriate that his two best friends have come together for Christmas.