Finland Independence

Tomorrow, Finland will be celebrating its Independence Day.

6 December 1917.

They have the most hunters and guns in the world per capita after the US
and Yemen.

No reindeer jerky is available. Illegal.

This is Santa enforced.
Happy independance day Finland. I was looking for an excuse to drink this evening. I have it.Religion is marvelous.
No reindeer jerky...that Santa...Saatanan Kakarat!!!
I could Google this, but I'm really not all that interested. Anyway, who is it that Finalnd declared independence from? Was it them dastardly Brits?
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I could Google this, but I'm really not all that interested. Anyway, who is it that Finalnd declared independence from? Was it them dastardly Brits?

Yep. Britian invaded Finland by sea in 1915 but they got cold and went home.

I now have a retroactive reason to drank. LOL
Finland gaining independence from Britain? What planet are you on?

Just a little bit of 2 minute research shows that Finland gained independence from Bolshevist Russia.

The Finns then went on to support the NAZIS in WWII just like the Republic of Ireland under its anti-Semitic government.
I believe they won their independence from Russia.
Actually Finland won their independence from Santa's Elves and from the Bolsheviks, as long as all hunting of reindeer ceased and the Bolsheviks got their needed coal.

Somehow the "coal thing" got very much distorted.

Never mind what Blackleaf said.

He's Anglo-morphic.
Interesting thing about Finland, they were the Soviets weapons testing range, the Soviets had management problems transportation problems winter problems
Not to mention that Santa and the Elves would really get pissed off.

After every Bolshevik salvo, the reindeer would sh-i-tt all over the place and Santa and the elves would look down at their feet and exclaim, NOT AGAIN !!!

You can't walk anywhere, without stepping in it.

Damn Reindeer !!

Damn Bolsheviks !!!
Damn Right!
Damn Straight.
Damn Yankees! that's a movie ain't it?
We British invaded warm countries, whose people were armed with spears and mangoes (mango slices were quite sharp and did cause damage). We'd never have gone for Finland. The only countries who are now in the EU who gained their independence from Britain were the Republic of Ireland (although they WERE a part of Britain until 1922), Malta and Cyprus.

The Americans were like a flea upon Britain's skin. A little bit annoying but they were small and we swotted them away easily. But they kept coming back. But we got rid of them only because Boney was trying to invade our sacred land. If it wasn't for him, the Americans would have been British until the 1960s.
If the British would invade North America and free Canada from the clutches of Yankee pig dog imperialists, we will reconsider the Monarchy and swear alligence to the new Emperor Charles.

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