Sanfrancisco gives illegal aliens identification cards

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - San Francisco will give resident identification cards to illegal immigrants under a plan approved on Tuesday amid a fierce nationwide debate on granting privileges to undocumented aliens.

In a 10-1 vote, the city's board of supervisors -- the equivalent of a city council -- approved giving identification cards to all residents, including illegal immigrants. The move makes San Francisco the largest U.S. city to back such a plan.
Residents will be able to obtain the resident cards by presenting photo identification and proof they live in the city, such as a utility bill. It was unclear if the new cards, which will be accepted at libraries and health clinics, will carry photos.
Such a move had been expected from San Francisco, which is famously liberal. Earlier this year, Mayor Gavin Newsom said he would not allow city officials and employees to assist immigration raids by federal authorities seeking people who had committed crimes or disregarded deportation orders.
San Francisco, which declared itself a "sanctuary city" in 1989, also this year launched a program to provide medical care to uninsured residents regardless of their immigration status.
At the state level, California's Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has vetoed bills that would allow undocumented aliens to obtain state identification cards, including driver's licenses.
By contrast, New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, a Democrat, proposed giving illegal immigrants drivers licenses. But he was forced to drop the plan last week due to overwhelming opposition, even from presidential candidates from his own party like Hillary Clinton.
(Reporting by Jim Christie, editing by Cynthia Osterman)
Not having any real identification is a serious problem for illegals. Probably 1/3 of the patients I have are born to illegal immigrants. Now, to get into our unit to visit, a parent has to get a hospital band. We insist on photocopying their picture ID in order to give them a band. How many of these people have legitimate IDs? It's ridiculous. Their child is an American citizen and has the right to register for certain government benefits like medi-cal to pay for their hospital stay, but that isn't easy to do when mom and dad are too scared of deportation to give their names. It's easy to say "Well, then they shouldn't have come in the first place", but it just pushes the problem onto those of us working with them.
That's an area I never really thought about how it will help.

One of the first things that popped to my mind was a recent trouble maker who was in here complaining about how illegal immigrants kill/rape/terrorize the population of the US and are almost impossible to find because they 'don't exist'. It seems to me this could help curb that. Of course I doubt many people truly intent on crime are going to register.
This is slightly off topic, I know, but...What does the massive influx of Mexicans into the US (and recently into Canada) say about the conditions in Mexico? Shouldn't there be some pressure on Mexico to improve conditions for it's people? There is clearly something wrong with a nation with so many fleeing.
Is it that life is so much worse in mexico? or that life is portrayed as being better in the US?

For many it sounds like the reality of the US is a bitter dissappointment, especially when living as an illegal.
Whenever you have a poor country next to a rich country, I'm sure you're going to have this type of immigration issue. Regardless of how people complain about the US economy, illegal immigrants are still coming here in droves. If it were better in Mexico, they would go back.
I'm not sure what the resident identification card would represent. Something like a library card?

I live in one of the three southern states that is overrun by illegals, and these are a few of the problems you might not think of:

1. Only the lower class migrates for the most part, giving us a lower standard of living.
2. They do not pay income taxes.
3. They drink our water, and in this state, it is a precious commodity.
4. The crime rate is greatly worsened by the Mexicans. The daily newspaper tells you that
every single day. Look at the names of the criminals.
5. They encourage their daughters to marry early and skip high school. I have seen 10-yr.
old girls with makeup and gaudy dresses on "display" at the mall.
6. Our schools are almost 100% Mexican. The whites moved away long ago from the inner city, and now the blacks are following suit.
7. There are simply too many of them to assimilate.
8. They flood our hospitals, birthing those "anchor" babies that was mentioned earlier.
9. They do not pay property taxes.
10. The majority do not speak English and expect us to learn their language, not vice versa.

I could go on for a lot longer, but you get the general idea why we are upset.

Just the Facts
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If it were better in Mexico, they would go back.

If it were better in Mexico, would they give us driver's licences?
Just the Facts
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I could go on for a lot longer, but you get the general idea why we are upset.


I can see the native Americans having a good belly laugh about that!

"Uh-huh...tell us about it!"
They should all be forced to wear a sign proclaiming they are illegals , making it easier to round up and deport .
In fairness, whether they pay taxes or not depends on their employer. Those working with stolen social security numbers pay taxes. Those getting paid cash by their employers under the table don't.

I'd have more sympathy for people in California if they actually punished the employers of illegal immigrants. Make farm owners pay enough that Americans would pick fruit in the hot sun all day, and you wouldn't have Mexicans coming to fill the void.
As I understand it tracy, there's little to no fiscal ramification for employers who get caught using illegal labor. Wouldn't harsher penalties for using illegal labor help discourage it too?

But, maybe the penalties are harsher than I've been led to believe... I'll admit I haven't researched it much.
Just the Facts
Let's not confuse migrant workers with illegal aliens. There's a difference. I don't see anything wrong with foreign workers, but they should enter the country legally.
Massive Legal Migration and Massive English programs and assimilation system..for heavens sake.
Lou Dobbs on CNN is the most vocal opponent of the illegal immigrant system and has very good ideas on how to solve the problem.

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