U.K. mislays personal details of half the nation

This won't be pretty.

LONDON (Reuters) - The personal details of half of all Britons have been mislaid by the government, Chancellor Alistair Darling said on Tuesday, in another major blow to an administration reeling from the Northern Rock banking debacle.
The Conservatives accused Prime Minister Gordon Brown's government of laying 25 million people open to identity theft and bank fraud, ridiculing its competence.

uk.reuters.com/article/topNew...29206920071120 (external - login to view)
Geesh.... that's a LOT of information to just mislay. Methinks perhaps someone had some monetary incentive to screw the pooch that badly.
Seriously, that just doesn't check out. How do you just lose these discs without a trace? The courier lost them? How?
Why was that data on a removable disc to begin with? Government agencies could easily access that data from an internal network or a secure VPN.
I find it hard to believe that people could be so completely incompetent. There are so many ways to do this sort of thing safely, and they didn't even bother backing up the data?
Blackleaf! Give back the data!
I lost a disc behind my fridge once, there was some bills too.

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