Screiber-for real?

This guy's story gets more outlandish every day! He just seems to keep embalishing it and expanding the number of people he wants to throw mud on. Is it perhaps that he is so reluctant to get extradited to Germany that any sort of trumped up story will help stall that happening?
Or that the worm has turned.
Well, Mulroney did declare the $300,000.00 on his income tax. That means that at least that part of Schreiber's story is true. Remember Mulroney once told us that he had no dealings with Schreiber or his money.
Mulroney's calling for a public inquiry now, asking that the independent inquiry be halted, and everything be done out in public. I don't know what to make of the whole situation, but, that seems to me like a man who is quite sure that most of what's haunting him is mere gossip and innuendo.
What worries me is that this government is pushing for Schreiber's deportation back to Germany. It sounds to me like if Schreiber were gone, Mulroney's problems will be over and all this will be swept under the carpet.
lone wolf
Maybe he's actually conned himself....

Mulroney isn't denying the $300,000 payment from Schreiber now, something he was doing back in the mid 1990s when he got a $2.1 million settlement from the Canadian government. That alone justifies an official inquiry, as does his delaying paying tax on the money and the possibility that he made a financial deal with Schreiber while still in office.

The Privy Council Office received a letter from Schreiber 7 months ago but sat on it, this is also something that needs to be looked at closely. The conservative government has a habit of trying to hide embarrassing information from the public even though Harper continues to smear the Liberals for the same thing.

Let's have a little reciprocity in our politics and stop acting like the conservatives are above accountability.
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What does it matter? They all wear teflon anyhow. House of Commons my foot.... At least in his own back-peddling, Harpo got to make Dion look like a bunghole too. Just wouldn't take yes for an answer....

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CBC's Fifth Estate said in an interview this morning that they have yet to catch Schreiber in a lie. . .remember, it was not a crime in Germany at the time to bribe foreign officials (in this case, Mulroney) for contracts for German companies.

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Mulroney's calling for a public inquiry now, asking that the independent inquiry be halted, and everything be done out in public. I don't know what to make of the whole situation, but, that seems to me like a man who is quite sure that most of what's haunting him is mere gossip and innuendo.

I dunno Karrie - he's had quite a long time to cover his bases - friends in high places and all that... it would be nice to be wrong. Wouldn't it be interesting if Schreiber really was sitting on some juicy documents? Apparently he kept meticulous records.
After observing several inquiries over the years, I can still see the lawyers sitting around like hogs swilling at a trough. They ask inane questions not directly, but after a boring preamble to such an extent that any question and answer has lost all revelancy. The revelations usually cannot be used for criminal charges.

Examples: Toronto inquiry into a 10 million dollar computer purchase that esculated to 80 million. The inquiry cost 110 million and no-one was even prosecuted. Those that were sort of admonished all left the city pay-roll with large buy-outs. The lawyers all filled their pockets and keep the inquiry running as long as possible, since thye were paid by the hour.

Gormey Inquiry was totally boring, 250 million was involved and almost none recovered. The Coal Mine disaster in NS was the same. The Somalia Inquiry was the same, but they did sacrifice a couple lower ranks, a Corporal aand a Private. ( An old British Army Custom).

The curernt. Smith Inquiry about incompetent forensic autopsies will ccomplish absolutely nothing. Most witneses will be so politically correct that nothing will be revelead of substance. Jobs for the boys in my view.

The only inquiry that I ever enjoyed both for its revelations and the way it was conducted was not in Canada, but the US. The Erwin Senate Committee on Watergate. This was the most exciting show on TV for months.

I suggest Canadian Inquiries accomplish almost nothing, except to spread public money amongst a bunch of incompetent lawyers. My view.
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An inquiry in this case is more than warranted. First off to find out if conservative government officials were in fact bribed by Schreiber to buy Airbus craft for Air Canada in the 1980s and if Mulroney was directly involved. Secondly to find out if Harper has been covering for Mulroney, as we now know his office has been sitting on the information for more than half a year.

As for Mulroney, I think he should be charged with perjury immediatly. In his libel case against the Canadian government more than a decade ago, he claimed to barely know Karlheinz Schreiber and to have no business dealings with him. It was based on this testimony sworn in court that the Canadian government decided to settle out of court for $2.1 million. This was clearly a lie as it's now clear he did in fact receive $300,000 in cash in envelopes from Schreiber that he didn't pay taxes on at the time. Had this information been known at the time Mulroney would have lacked grounds for his case. It might have even enabled the RCMP to link him with the Airbus case.

At the very least Mulroney owes the taxpayers of this country the $2.1 million he took on fraudulent testimony plus interest, also an apology to the people of this country for disgracing the office of the Prime Minister. I'm not holding my breathe for one though, he's got the arrogance of a Conrad Black. Both men seem to believe they're better than this nation despite how good it's been to them.
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I agree with Durgan on this count. Inquiries and hearings only mean something if there are results. Justice must be done but justice must also be seen to be done...

Canada has a long history of corruption that began with Sir John A. so it really shouldn't be much of a suprise for anyone that these dog-and-pony-shows do little to change the culture of corruption that's accepted as "government" by the Canadian people.
Doing nothing and allowing corruption to become the standard doesn't make sense. We can and should require a higher standard of ethics from our public officials and an enquiry now serves the purpose of revealing how the system was abused by the Mulroney government and how it is potentially being abused by the Harper government now.

It's a small price to pay to ensure that greed and self-interest don't totally take over our political forum.
Just another exercise in fleecing the taxpayer
I agree, Mulroney taking $2.1 million like that was criminal.
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I agree, Mulroney taking $2.1 million like that was criminal.

No no no i agree with you Cobalt its just nothing will happen to the lying prick . The lawyers will all make out like bandits bellying up to the taxpayers trough

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