Bhutto placed under house arrest again

LAHORE, Pakistan - Opposition leader Benazir Bhutto was placed under house arrest for the second time in a week to prevent her staging a march on Tuesday to protest emergency rule, police said. A close aide to the former prime minister said she would try to lead the 185-mile procession anyway.
The showdown intensified the political crisis engulfing Pakistan and further clouded the prospect of a pro-U.S. alliance against rising Islamic extremism forming between Bhutto and President Gen. Pervez Musharraf.
Bhutto's aide, Sen. Safdar Abbasi, said the seven-day detention order was not binding because neither Bhutto nor one of her representatives had been served with the document.
"We will go ahead with the march," he told The Associated Press.
Aftab Cheema, the chief of operations of Lahore city police, told the AP that a Bhutto representative had received the order issued by the government of Punjab province, where Bhutto has been staying at the house of a lawmaker from her party.
"She has been detained and she won't be allowed to come out," Cheema said.
He said about 600 police had been deployed around the house in Lahore and additional forces could be sent later Tuesday, when Bhutto was due to commence her procession to the capital, Islamabad.
A series of three steel-and-barbed wire barricades were erected around the house Monday and sharpshooters took up positions on surrounding rooftops. (external - login to view)
It's really getting bad over there now. I hear they are now going to bring civilian dissidents to military courts and prosecute them for treason. Something hast to be done soon, it's a freaking time bomb.
and they already have nuke capabilities.
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and they already have nuke capabilities.

This isn't new for that country. The usual way to dispatch a leader is with terminal lead poisoning to the head. I think Bhutto is a patriot but one with a jaded past. I also feel she wants to be a martyr for her cause and it will come very soon. The attempts of the US have to focus on who gets control of the pakistani nuclear program. The bad guys are right there waiting their turn. If they do succeed in gaining control over the weapons cache look out for a whole new set of rules in international terrorism.
And naturally, there are still no calls from this forum's right wingers for a Bush invasion of Pakistan and the hanging of fascist dictator Musharraf.


You're right Gopher there are too many people concerned with making sure that Israel continues to recieve billions from the United States....

Wait a minute....

The United States sends chocolate and kisses to the oppressive Israeli regime and that's OK...The United States funds terrorism in Pakistan.....and that's OK

The United States invades Iraq on the basis of pretext and lies....and that's OK.....

The U.S. rattles it's sabers and talks about invading Iran....and that's OK....

Is there a pattern to be seen through these practices of the United States...?

What's more evil, a person who commits evil or someone who prepares the landscape for evil....?
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