School stripper shocks birthday boy

Press Association
Thursday November 8, 2007 11:23 AM

A schoolboy was given an unexpected surprise for his 16th birthday when a stripper turned up in his drama class.
The stripper - dressed as a policewoman - had been booked by the boy's mother, who had apparently asked for a "gorilla" to mark her son's big day.
The woman even asked the teenager's teacher at Nottingham's Arnold Hill School and Technology College to film the event so the family could see his reaction.
On arriving halfway through the lesson, the stripper walked the unnamed boy around the class on all fours like a dog.
To the soundtrack of Britney Spears, she then spanked him 16 times - once for each year - before stripping down to her bra and knickers.
It was only when she asked the schoolboy to rub cream on her that the shocked teacher called a halt to the show.
The boy's mother reportedly told the school the incident was the result of a booking error.
On Thursday a spokeswoman for the local education authority, Nottinghamshire County Council, said they were investigating how the incident happened.
She confirmed that nobody had been suspended and the police were not involved.
The spokeswoman said: "We and the school are investigating into the situation."

ROTFL Oh my!
Teachers spoil everything......Who knows what might have been next.......
Dreadful Nonsense

whats that new mom here name with the kid that makes political porn.....she should see this...aaaa hahahahahahaha

Well, thinking back on my 16 year old days, I think on the cream offer I would have searched for the nearest broom closet and asked the teacher if the stripper and I could be "excused for an hour".

I can't imagine any teacher I've ever know letting a boy be led around like a dog and spanked in class. Hello! Did this not make the teacher think something was hinky!? Geez some people. lol.
Hmm, reminds me of a teacher I had.
Quote: Originally Posted by ToroView Post

Hmm, reminds me of a teacher I had.

Which....the stripper or the kids teacher?
Quote: Originally Posted by gerryhView Post

Which....the stripper or the kids teacher?

I'm not tellin'...

I just read this to my 16 year old.... he said...gorila..stripper...I get those 2 confused all the time. Then he looked at his mother and said "Can I have a gorrila for my 17 birthday?"
lol... quick kid.
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lol... quick kid.

A chip off the ol block
loll - I could see my 16 yr. old equally delighted to be presented with a 'gorilla-gram'.

Tell your boy thanks for the laugh, gerryh.
Quote: Originally Posted by gerryhView Post

A chip off the ol block

lol. true enough.
Spicy to be sure.
Quote: Originally Posted by ToroView Post

Hmm, reminds me of a teacher I had.

Reminds me of one I would have liked to have had................HAD HAD!!..........That's right........Gawd, she was gorgeous..........uduhohahooheeharfarfarf

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