Another slain Mountie

Almost one month after the murder of Const. Christopher Worden in Hay River NWT, another Mountie has been shot dead. This time, it happened in the northern village of Kimmirut, in Iqaluit. Twenty year old Const. Douglas Scott was found dead by his fellow officer in the small hamlet after responding to a complaint of a drunk driver. CBC reports that a standoff ensued 4 hours later, resulting in the arrest of a suspect.

More tragedy for the Red Serge
I'm sure people in the sticks and boonies as it were scoff at the dangerous city. This should give them pause for thought.
This is really quite sad. Hopefully they will start sending these officers with another person in the car as backup from now on. Both times these men were alone when they were killed, and if there had been someone else there, perhaps neither of them would have died.
This is not about sending more than one officer, or people in the sticks being a problem too. What we don't seem to get through our collective heads is that something is very wrong inside the force.
The Mounties can't find enough people, let alone qualified people to join, Why is this? A few years ago two of our grandsons wanted to be Mounties and today you couldn't pay them enough to join.
When I asked why, they both told me seperately, the force has been corrupted and down graded to something less than respectful, and I find it sad. I see out of control policemen almost as often, as out of control perps. We need to get the police force under control and return some respect and dignity that is missing, perception is reality and something has to be done.
We unfortunately, have allowed people to become officers that were not suitable, and should not have been given the badge. Then there is the problem of officers without enough experience being put in situations they were not ready for and this is happening more and more. I feel sorry for these young people pursuing their dream of a career only to be let down by who are supposed to be in charge.

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