Meth-selling principal jailed

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First arrest story (back in Feb):

Meth-Selling School Principal Busted While Watching Gay Porn
Bethlehem, PA - Nitschmann Middle School principal John Acerra was at his office on the evening of February 27 when police arrested him on charges of allegedly dealing methamphetamine. Sources said he was naked and watching gay pornography at the time of his arrest.
Acerra also had sex toys, drugs, cash and a pipe in his school office when authorities stormed his office, the sources added. Police said Acerra remains jailed on $200,000 bail.
After the arrest, one of his neighbors said they still couldn’t believe the whole situation. “It’s pretty sad if you’re supposed to be the principal of children that you’re suppose to be molding,” the woman, who prefer the remain unnamed, told a reporter for greater Philadelphia’s NBC 10. “Maybe not be a hero but someone a child could look up to. To do that, it’s pretty disgusting.”
School administrators said that facts of the arrest have been hard on the students. Officials said they have counselors on hand to help students cope with what the school district described as a betrayal of trust.
The president of the Bethlehem School District, Dr. Craig Haytmanek, described former principle John Acerra as one of the “rising stars in the district.” “Everyone was impressed with Mr. Acerra,” said Haytmanek, also also noted that while the school district had some inkling of a problem with Acerra, officials “had no idea it was related to narcotics.”
Haytmanek said that Acerra often showed up late for work, but that principals were allowed the keep their own schedules. (external - login to view)

Today's story:

Meth-selling principal jailed
19.10.2007. 08:53:18

A former school principal who sold crystal methamphetamine, or ice, from his office has been jailed for between two and four years.

John Acerra, 50, from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, was arrested in February after he tried to sell the drug to a police informant.

Acerra apologised to teachers and parents at Nitschmann Middle School after admitting three drug possession and supplying charges.

"I take full responsibility for my actions," he said. "I have a disease called addiction, but I don't blame my wrongdoing on my disease or society.

Betrayal of trust

"I apologise for betraying the trust which I was granted."

Acerra told the judge that he has been attending Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

Officials have said there was no indication Acerra, a teacher in the area since 1979, sold the drug to the students in his care.

He took on the role of principal in 2000, being paid more than $US80,000 (AU$89,940) a year. Previously, he had worked as the school's director of instruction and curriculum.

SOURCE: AP (external - login to view)
Principal's need more pay to prevent them from becoming dope dealers and homosexual.

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